Excellent Concert Photography by Romain Ballez

Belgian photographer Romain Ballez confesses that he’s addicted to concerts. Fortunately, his addiction works well with his interest in photojournalism and has led to an excellent collection of concert photos. If you’ve read the 7 tips for concert photography and want to browse through some great examples for inspiration, Romain’s photography is an excellent place to start.

To see more of Romain’s work, visit his 500px page, facebook page or flickr photostream.

Fredrika Stahl at Botanique

Fredrika Stahl @ Botanique

Jamiroquai at Forest National

Jamiroquai @ Forest National

Bjorn Berge at Ancienne Belgique

Bjorn Berge @ Ancienne Belgique

Clarika at Brussels Summer Festival

Clarika @ Brussels Summer Festival

Mika at Suikerrock '12

Mika @ Suikerrock ’12

Megadeth/Slayer at Forest National - Megadeth

Megadeth/Slayer @ Forest National – Megadeth

Vegas at Propulse

Vegas @ Propulse

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour at Botanique

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour @ Botanique

No Brain at PPM Fest

No Brain @ PPM Fest

Jónsi at AB

Jónsi @ AB

Lux Mundi Tour - Coliseum de Charleroi

Lux Mundi Tour – Coliseum de Charleroi

Jali at Botanique

Jali @ Botanique

Didier Wampas at Park Rock '12

Didier Wampas @ Park Rock ’12

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Patrick Engman

Great work! My favorite is “Bjorn Berge @ Ancienne Belgique” The lighting is quite intense. 🙂

Gareth O'Neill Photography

All of these images are outstanding. Makes me want to get in on the action.

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