Excellent Double Exposure Portraits by Jon Duenas

Jon Duenas shoots mainly wedding and fashion photography and is based in Portland, Oregon. He prefers film photography and uses a collection of 35mm, medium format, and Polaroid cameras. This traditional method, unconventional for the digital age, gives his pictures a distinctive character. For example, he has produced a remarkable set of double exposure portraits done manually in camera. The technique seems simple–one exposure of the model, second exposure of the background–but choosing the right film, camera, and location without the leniency of digital manipulation takes skill.

To see more of Jon’s photography, visit his website, blog, facebook page, or etsy shop.

City of Angels double exposure portrait

City of Angels

Obscured double exposure portrait


Grow double exposure portrait


Rest double exposure portrait


Winter Cold double exposure portrait

Winter Cold

Echo double exposure portrait


Connected double exposure portrait


Landscape double exposure portrait


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