Extreme Macro – Mind-blowing Insect Photos by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel’s extreme macro pictures of insects are fascinating. Up close, the insects look like otherworldly creatures with hairy, menacing looks. What makes these pictures so striking is Johan’s combination of a scientific and artistic style.

If you’d like to see more of Johan’s photography or learn how to take macro pictures yourself, you can visit his extreme macro photography website or Flickr photostream.

exteme macro two flies

Two Fly Macro

exteme macro robberfly

Extreme Macro Robberfly

exteme macro hoverfly

Extreme Macro Hoverfly

exteme macro sawfly

Extreme Macro Sawfly

exteme macro fly


exteme macro bumblebee queen

The Queen

exteme macro burying beetle

Independence Day Alien

exteme macro fly

Fly Portrait

exteme macro beardy fly

Beardy Fly

exteme macro poplar hawkmoth

On My Thumb!

exteme macro mint beetle

Mint Beetle

exteme macro pondskater

Pond Skater

exteme macro bumblebee

Bumble Bee

exteme macro weevil

Evil Weevil

exteme macro wasp

Wasp (German Wasp, Vespula germanica)

exteme macro moth

The New Hairdo

exteme macro rose chafer

Harrison’s Photo

exteme macro robberfly

The Robberfly

exteme macro gnat

From the side…

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  1. Don

    Some of the best I’ve seen. I think I like all of them.

  2. Sandy Scott

    Mind blowing, amazing work! I’m giving up macro photography after seeing these!

  3. jesus maria saenz

    Amazing pics. Great job, very impressive.

  4. Caitlyn Johann

    Fantastic work – I wish I had the time to pursue projects like this because I really love photograph but my mom want me to pursue other course :( I have also seen this http://www.exploretalent.com/articles/mind-blowing-perfectly-timed-photos/ , Very nice.

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