Eye-Catching Black and White Street Photography by Thomas Leuthard

Thomas Leuthard is a 41 year old photographer from Switzerland, who spends his time traveling the world to capture life on the streets. After four years of general photography, he decided to focus on the magic of street photography, which he creates with such beauty and emotion. For Thomas, walking down the streets can be both interesting and challenging. He has to be fast, while making sure he is always focusing on people, faces, backgrounds, and scenes. When a moment disappears, it will never come back….but as Thomas says, “Luckily there will be many moments in all those streets in the big cities of this World, which I will keep exploring…”

To see more of Thomas’s photography, visit his websitefacebook page or flickr photostream.

Leaving Riga...

Leaving Yerevan...

MacBook Beauty

Bombay #7

Bombay #12

NYC #31

NYC #26

Bombay #14

RAK #17

London Calling #15

Luzern, Switzerland

Sit & Smoke

Drop Shadow...




2 : 2

Hold the Rail...


The Look...

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