12 Great Pictures for Father’s Day

Today is the day to celebrate the manlier side of our upbringing. Let’s give it up for all the fathers in our lives; be it your very own father, your grandfather, or the father next door. Check out these 12 Great Father’s Day pictures.

Father-Daughter Dance

Father-Daughter Dance by Mark Sebastian


Dad by Richard Melanson

Father and Son

Father and Son by Kevin Galens

man and boy

man and boy by Nico

I love my father as the stars

I love my father as the stars by Yvette T.

Xuenxuen & her dad

Xuenxuen & her dad by jiunn kang too

Love and Trust

Love and Trust by Mike Baird

Daring to go...

Daring to go… by Vinoth Chandar

The Hydrant Baptism

The Hydrant Baptism by Señor Codo

Man Tossing Child in Air

Man Tossing Child in Air by D. Sharon Pruitt


Untitled by Katie Tegtmeyer


Dad by Peter Alfred Hess

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Tim Grant

The photos here about father’s day at:


are really something. Cheers for the inspiration!

Best regards,


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