Free Photography eBook: Exposure Blending – The Complete Guide From Camera to Process

 Exposure Blending is a free eBook detailing the entire auto-bracketing workflow and a step-by-step guide to processing.

Landscape photographer and author Christopher O’Donnell recently released a free eBook on his exposure blending technique. Inside you’ll find that Christopher details his entire process of exposure blending  – from auto-bracketing in the field, to combining different exposures in process – to bring out the optimal tonal range of a photo.

Stitched Panorama

In this highly-informative eBook, Christopher guides you through his workflow for the above example and shows you how to selectively blend different exposures together. In order to have a well-exposed landscape, you’ll need one image exposed for the brightest tones in your photo (typically the sky) and another for the darkest tones (the ground, usually) when the lighting isn’t suitable to capture it all in one exposure – think of sunsets and how differently the natural light level is when you compare the sky to the ground. Once you have your two extremes, you blend them together to make one perfectly exposed landscape.

Learn how to selectively blend exposures together in this free eBook.

Exposure blending uses the same principles of HDR photography in the sense that you’re expanding the tonal range, but exposure blending creates a more natural-looking image since you’re not relying on the automation of software. Instead, you have much more control over the end result by manually choosing exactly where you want to blend your exposures together. It’s a method that is entirely customizable to your scene, which will produce a more pleasing result.

Learn how to remove halos from your photographs with this free eBook guide.

Click here to read more about this great eBook and to get your free copy.

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Rachel Manns

Awesome, will definitely check it out!

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