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Photography Blogger recommends Smash, a free file sharing service perfect for photographers.

Designed by Kreativkolors -

Designed by Kreativkolors –

As a photographer, if you could have a perfect file transfer service, what would you ask for? You would probably ask that service to be free. You’d also want no file size limitations. How about no registration to the service needed? How about if the recipient can preview what the sender sent and can choose what they want to download?

Sounds too good to be true? It was until now. Introducing a free file transfer service from the great folks at Smash. Because Smash is free with no file size limit, you’re thinking you’ll see ads plastered all over this service. Nope, the interface is as simple and clean as it gets.

We tried it and we found to to be as easy as 1, 2, 3. We liked it so much we’re asking all PhotographyBlogger community who want to send us their art files to use Smash to save both of us time, it’s that good. Smash gets a Two Thumbs Up from us.


Smash replaces traditional file transfer for the photographer community by a new service originally designed for it

Frustrated for too many years by the limit in size imposed by traditional file transfer services and by the waste of time that it causes and also by the advertising pollution integrated in this services, three French have decided to innovate.

  • Launching a new file transfer and sharing contents meeting different creative’s needs: professional and amateur photographers, musicians, audio and video producers, publishers, illustrators, designers, architects, engineers, marketers…
  • Offering use model without any advertising but exhibiting cultural and artistic contents which generate a true inspiration.

An innovative digital content interactive sharing service originally designed for photographer professionals

Creatives from around the world increasingly need to not only transfer but also share through interactive way rich contents (including documents, photo, audio, video…) which are becoming larger and more frequent.
In this way, Smash the first free file transfer service in a world with no size limit meets the sender and recipient expectations.

For senders:
• No registration
• No size limit
• Secure
• Aesthetic, simple and intuitive interface

The no registration and no size limit make sharing digital contents time saving and hassle free. Our aesthetic interface makes sending contents enjoyable.


  • For recipients:
    • Smart preview of files by a customization according to the type of contents (photos, videos, audios, documents) before downloading
    • Download all or a selection of files
    • Mobile device access
    • Files available during 7 days


The preview enables time saving and a stronger and more interactive collaboration between sender and recipient. Moreover today, with users being constantly on the move, the mobile device access facilitates the preview of digital contents and makes them more reactive.

IMG 11

Besides its current offer, Smash aims to replace the traditional file transfer by the file transfer service of the 21st century: a paid smart service (business model based on monthly subscription) which will soon offer differentiated features according to different formats of shared files (documents, photos, videos, audios…) and which will match the specific needs of users (senders and recipients). In other words, it would go far beyond offering a simple file transfer service including generic features but to deliver a service range which can be adjustable and enabling interactive sharing of digital contents made from various formats.

A new use model of file sharing service: making accessible cultural contents instead of advertising


The most of the creative community no longer wishes to be polluted by omnipresent advertising (generic or targeted) in their use of digital services but rather being stimulated by cultural enrichment and being inspired.

Moreover, the team believes that in today’s world, creative work have to be accessible to anyone sharing digital contents.

In this context, Smash doesn’t only transform file transfer with innovative features but above all revolutionizes the use of digital content sharing by replacing an advertising model by a cultural one: no advertising but a background display presenting like in a gallery amazing art or other creative projects and works.

Thanks to this new model, Smash allows users, while waiting for their upload, to discover, instead of usual advertising, creative works and immersing themselves into their universe which enriches their cultural knowledge and gives them useful information about exhibits and events. Smash wants to contribute to a more creative society. By this way, they promote creative projects from photographers thanks to their gallery space.

By this new use model, they want to help make society more creative.


About Smash
Smash began its preview release in February 2016 and has been launched in June 2016.
It is used daily by thousands users in the World including many creative representative of different profiles of this community.


Who they are?

IMG 12

Rémi, Romaric and Olivier (from left to right) are three creatives and also entrepreneurs located in Lyon (France) and supported by a small group of other creatives and a technology team who are motivated not only for delivering an efficient and profitable offer but also for showcasing artistic and cultural works, generating an inspiration. For these reasons, their ambition is to build the file transfer service for the 21st century.

If you want to see your project exhibited on Smash, contact:

Don’t transfer your files anymore, use Smash!
I share my creativity with no limit, I use Smash!

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