From Me To You – Animated Cinemagraphs by NYC Photographer Jamie Beck

Word on the streets of New York is that there is a very talented new photographer named Jamie Beck. She and her fiancée create these unique images she calls “cinemagraphs” – more than a photo, but not quite a video. Whatever they are, they’re badass.

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  1. prosens

    wow! great idea!

  2. Jorchet

    Oh! This is awesome!!! I want my profile pics to do that!!! :D

  3. Manos

    Really amazing pieces of art!

  4. Chaz Curry

    When I first saw these, I was blown away. I have to admit, I still am.

  5. Greg

    Very well done. Love the pictures.

  6. Joey

    This look very similar to pictures in the newspaper from Harry Potter! Excellent work!

  7. marcotizer

    awesome. it’s an animated gif.

  8. Andy Stockglausner

    VERY cool. I’m a youth sports photographer and I’m going to try this with some action photos!

  9. Deepak V

    Truly brilliant. But how is this done?

  10. Steve Marsel

    Here’s my contribution to this new and exciting technique!


    Steve Marsel

  11. Doug Woolgar

    Very cool! It’s a digital version of a similar technique I used to employ back in the days of multi-image slide tape productions 20 years ago. So simple yet so powerful. Nicely done.


  12. Manoj

    I am in love with this idea. Here is my first try out. Will be glad to know what you think:

  13. Junior

    A friend just sent me a link to this. So very creative! Whole new awesome concept to the classic Animated Gifs.

  14. obilivenkat

    i like

  15. Threeark

    Great find thanks!

  16. mykl

    Badass is the right term for these – they are spectacular. Can you imagine coming into someone’s home and looking at their mantle filled with family pix and having them all animated? Truly ground-breaking. Now there is a real need to create a simple, inexpensive video frame.

  17. Jan Maklak

    This is so cool. I can’t wait to try it

  18. Gerald

    I am from the other side of the world. I would like to see more of those. But allways found the most shown. Do you have any other sources? It will be a great push for online-ads. I started to do something similar. But will take more practice for a filmer like me.

  19. Richard Hobson

    Thanks for posting. I wonder how this type of image could be used in other areas of photography, It would be a challenge to create a flowing bridal dress or other aspect of a Wedding. Viewing of course would need to be on line but as more and more people are viewing their photo’s online now it would be a great challenge to try. Thanks.

  20. parvane


  21. Pieter Clark

    Great work. How do you create these type of shots?

  22. Roy

    Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. Tutorial coming soon? :)

  23. DebbyBruck

    Chaz – I scrolled down viewing these creative images feeling as if I was in a museum of modern art. Brilliantly colored with surprising areas of movement, that must have taken time to consider the surprising response of the viewer. Thank you for bringing Jamie Beck to our attention. Blessings, Debby

  24. Tenyanla

    This is absolutely amazing. It makes you wonder about the type of art we will be able to create with cameras in the near future!

  25. Billy Summers

    FANTASTIC Photography!!!
    AWESOME Idea!!!

  26. esu balew


  27. Daria Wright

    Ahh-mazing! I’ve never seen anything like this.

  28. toper

    awesome work! i love the bicycle!

  29. David Hardwick Photography

    These are great. I will have to look into doing something like this.

  30. Allan

    The subtle ones work best for this effect, the not-so-subtle ones look more like mini-videos.

  31. Sheridan Voysey

    Just brilliant.

  32. Cordu

    Love those! Amazing work.

  33. Marlon San Esteban

    how to do that?please teach me….

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