From Selling Antiques to Selling Photos – Beca Shoots Photography

Beca is a photographer from San Diego, CA, who began selling antiques online three years ago. Since online shopping relies on good photos, her path to business success was linked to her photography skills. She has worked hard to show each item at its best, and her creativity has paid off. Her antiques look charming, and her pictures have become so popular that she’s opened a second shop–this time, for photography.

To see more of Beca’s pictures, visit her photography shop, Beca Shoots, or her vintage shop, Beca Runs.

Cool Off green vintage fan

Cool Off

 Quit Lying Around vintage paintbrushes

Quit Lying Around

 Old Glory Vintage Miniature Worn American Flag

Old Glory

Head Outdoors Vintage Tent, Vintage Coleman Camping

Head Outdoors

 Game Night Vintage Geometric Peg Board Game

Game Night

 Traffic Jam Vintage Tin Cars

Traffic Jam

Stop Procrastinating Vintage Pink Shabby Chic Industrial Timer

Stop Procrastinating

 All the Time in the World Vintage Watch Faces

All the Time in the World

Snipped vintage scissors


Adventure, This Way Vintage Horseshoe, Magnifying Glass, Antique Skeleton Key

Adventure, This Way

 What Do You See Vintage Cat Eye Glasses

What Do You See

The Keys to It All Antique Set of Skeleton Keys

The Keys to It All

Never Too Old to Learn Vintage Anagrams and Vintage School Supplies

Never Too Old to Learn

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