Half Awake – Diorama Photography by Erin Tyner

Rather than waiting for a scene you’ve imagined to happen, you can use Erin Tyner’s Half Awake series as inspiration and create a diorama of the moment you wish to capture. “Working in a miniature scale allows me to depict a range of complex emotions in a playful manner,” Erin says. Although the dioramas are artificial, Erin’s pictures spark genuine emotions and show characters that are captivating and true to life.

To see more of Erin’s photography, visit her website or Etsy shop.

sometimes dioarama tornado


The Clearing grass field with girl in forest clearing

The Clearing

Outskirts miniature figure redhead girl outside house at night


Yellow mossy woods with girl in dress


The Thin winter photo girl on snowy ice pond

The Thin

The Thick boy running in fog diorama

The Thick

May rain clouds, lavender fields and girl in purple


Rose twilight field with girl in red


Windswept golden plains with blue sky and miniature figure


Fade umbrella woman in rainy city


Tides ocean diorama, business man in surf


Buoy blue lake with swimming boy figure


Wake miniature swimmer in moonlight


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