Handmade Blown Glass Flora and Animals


© Glass Symphony – Stork & Frog

Nikita Drachuk is a 23 years old artist and loves what he does. His company is called Glass Symphony. It’s a very small family workshop, located in village Pashkovci, Ukraine. As of now, Glass Symphony consists of two generations: Nikita and his parents.

 Every member of the family is responsible for certain part of the final result, and they complete each other perfectly to deliver the best product.

They are creating art which is called Lampwork. Lampwork is a process of creating exclusive glass figures and compositions. Each and every piece is made by hand and is one of a kind. This unique process is being made using the burner, the temperature of which raises up to 1800C (the temperature for working with glass is 800-1200C – depends on the type of glass). Under these conditions the glass acquires necessary condition, and can be transformed into a work of art.


© Glass Symphony – Frog


© Glass Symphony – Flower


© Glass Symphony – Puppy

Using the particular technique Glass Symphony stretch, bend and mix monolithic glass stems creating unique figures that you can’t take your eyes off. 
They have a very wide selection of artistic handmade items from a diverse world of flora and fauna: wild animals, pets, birds, fish, exotic plants as well as small compositions. Despite their miniature size, the figurines have the exact physiological features of the animal they represent, its character and even emotions. Each form is individual and unique.

Glass Symphony also work with different kinds of custom souvenirs. Each item is made by hand, that’s why the size and color can slightly vary. Their main goal is to make beautiful pieces which bring aesthetic value and pleasure to people. They listen carefully to each and every review and are really pleased that the people who appreciate handmade artisanal art.


© Glass Symphony – Clown


© Glass Symphony – Ram


© Glass Symphony – Mouse

Nakita, “If we can make people smile when looking at our work, it means we accomplished our mission.” And they’ve made a lot of people smile, you can tell by the thousands of sales on their Etsy store.

You can check out beautiful miniatures at very reasonable prices at their Etsy Store or, check them out on their Facebook page.

© Glass Symphony – Mantis

© Glass Symphony – Flower


© Glass Symphony – Cat


© Glass Symphony – Pig


© Glass Symphony – Unicorn


© Glass Symphony – Spider

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