How to Create 3D Images With Your Camera

Note: You need Red-Cyan 3D glasses to see these images!

3D images are fun to see and open a new world of creative options in photography. With just a normal camera and a set of cheap 3D glassed plus a little free software you can create beautiful 3D images.



To make a 3D photo you need two photos of the same scene taken from different viewpoints, the easy way is to take one image and then move the camera about 10 to 20 cm (4-8 inches) to the left or to the right, you are then emulating how the scene looks from each of your eyes.



Once you have both images you can use free software to create the 3D photo. I use stereophotomaker but there are many other tools that can be used. You just load both images and tell the software which one is the left image and which one is the right image. The software then aligns the images and offers several choices to output the 3d image. You can choose a red-cyan anaglyph as these images to be seen with red-cyan 3d glasses or you can also create a cross-eye version of the photo.


When you process the RAW images make sure you use exactly the same settings for both images and add extra exposure and saturation to compensate the glasses. For a successful 3d photo try to use focal lengths between 35 and 100mm, wide angle shots are much more difficult to assemble.

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