How To Fix Your Camera – DIY Videos by Casey Neistat

According to filmmaker Casey Neistat, “mending is better than ending.” This motto explains why he’s made these creative DIY videos to fix a broken camera part or an irritating design flaw.

Fix an SLR with Peanut Butter

Casey shows how the lid to a peanut butter jar can fix a broken lens hood.

The Almost Perfect Camera

Casey’s favorite camera, the Canon S-120, had a new design with a “tragic flaw keeping it from perfection.” Instead of replacing the new camera, he found a way to fix it. “It’s still my favorite camera but honestly what were they thinking,” he says.

Check out more of Casey’s work on his website, Facebook page or Youtube channel.

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David Burckhard
Casey, I’m a big fan of the Canon series of point-and-shoot cameras culminating with the S120. Even though I shoot video professionally, I love the convenience and quality of Canon’s little cameras which I carry all the time. I’m no fan of the top-pointed mic either. However, I tend to hold the camera always with two hands. Unless you might have something in your other hand, why not give the two-handed technique a try. It will result in far more stable video and, given a history of broken cams, mitigate the chance of dropping it during use. Good luck and… Read more »
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