Hyperstereograms: Cloud Photos in 3D!

(Note: You need red/cyan 3D glasses to see the photos in 3D, put the glasses on and spend at least 30 or 40 seconds with them looking at the photo, to make the different 3D layers pop)


You can create a 3D photo by combining two photos taken about 2 or 3 inches apart, approximately the distance between human eyes. The photos are merged by software creating a red/cyan anaglyph or other presentation formats for 3D. For very distant objects like clouds this is not possible because there would be little or no difference in perspective between the photos. When the objects are very far away from the viewer, a 3D photo is known as an “hyperstereogram”.


The key to create an hyperstereogram is distance. You need a lot of separation between the photos and you also need to take them quickly because they move! The solution is simple: A moving vehicle. Take the photos when somebody else is driving keeping 300-900 feet between shots (100-300 meters) remember which shot is left and which one is right. Then when you get back home you can use Stereophotomaker (free) to create a 3D image from both photos.

The red/cyan glasses will take some light away from the shot so process the photos to be brighter than usual and also more colorful, use exactly the same white balance setting for both shots and of course same aperture and shutter speed. Make sure your shutter speed is fast to freeze movement from the vehicle, if needed increase the ISO.

Now you only need a friend to drive you, your camera and a beautiful cloudscape with several layers of puffy clouds.

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