Imaginative Self-Portraits by Zev Hoover

Zev Hoover is a 14-year-old photographer from Natick, Massachusetts, whose self-portraits can bring you into another world. Depending on the photo, that world is either small and whimsical or normal-sized, lonely and beautiful. Both of his styles have a distinct, imaginative feel, like pieces of a story or glimpses into a creative mind.

To see more of Zev’s photography, visit his flickr photostream.

microscope self portrait


paper boat self portrait

bless my sponge bath

pencil drawing self portrait


flying self portrait


origami self portrait


flying self portrait

around the world

hand shadow self portrait


leaf raft self portrait

summer tales

running self portrait


mountain self portrait

best day ever.

snow self portait


beach walk self portait

good for walkis

fog on lake black and white self portrait

fog wafting up stream

fog in field self portrait


redhead self portrait


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Ongelooflik! and only 14 years old. What talent!

Karen Heffernan

I love your photos, they’re so creative, and whimsical and thought-provoking. Are they available to purchase?

Amy Williams

: ) Great ideas!! I think people would really love baby and wedding photos too! I thnk you will have an amazing career. I am glad our world has you in it. Thanks for giving of yourself. (And to your parents: “Great job!!!” )

Suzan Kuder-Andreas
Mr. Hoover you have a magnificent talent. Please never stop creating your art and sharing it with the world, because it’s inspiring and thought provoking, and I see in it such a clean and clear vision of beautiful things. The depiction, that we as humans, in being wonderful creatures ourselves, are but a tiny enhancement in the grand beauty of it all, and yet so necessary to complete the picture. I do hope you find a profitable avenue to offer your work for sale, for I’m certain it would grace the walls of many, including my own. I wish you… Read more »
Diane Dexter

What lovely work, and from such a young person. I hope Zev keeps up his creative photography. This is just wonderful.

elizabeth england

Thanks so much for sharing this work! What amazing, creative talent. Is young Mr. Hoover taking any students!?

Rodrigo Cunha

That is an amazing portfolio. Very talented young man.

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