Improving the Quality of Your Shots with PhotoAcute

PhotoAcute is a software that can increase the resolution and quality of your shots. It works by processing several takes of the same scene and using the best information from each shot. It can reduce noise, increase resolution and detail, increase depth of field and dynamic range and other things. In this small review we’ll see how to use it to increase the resolution and quality of your photos.

This is a photo taken with a P&S camera: A Canon G10. It has good quality but if you zoom at 100% you will see some noise and lack of detail. This is a typical problem from P&S cameras, they just don’t have the resolving power of a DSLR. If you plan to make a nice big print those problems are important as they are revealed in the print.

To improve the shot you need to take several shots of the scene. In my example I took 10 shots. You can take the shots handheld or from a tripod.

Once all the shots are taken you load the shots in photo-acute and process them using the super-resolution algorithm, the result is a 30mpx photo. Wow, as if I were using a medium format camera.

This is the result after processing the 10 shots. Try to see if you can spot a difference. Difficult in this size.

Let’s check a 100% crop.

Unprocessed shot first:

Processed shot

Now you can see there’s an important difference. The processed shot has less noise  and better detail. In a print the result is simple a better result.

One of the nice advantages of photo-acute is that you can process several RAW shots resulting in another RAW, then you can resume your usual workflow processing the RAW file and then editing the processed shot.

If you take about 20 RAW images you can produce with a P&S camera results similar to a professional DSLR and if you use it with your DSLR your results will be comparable to a medium format or large format camera. Just amazing.

You can download photo-acute for a free trial from:

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