Inspirational Landscapes by Dave Noonan

Dave Noonan is a multi-talented photographer who now resides in Danbury, Connecticut. Here’s how he describes his stunning work:

“Born and raised in New England, now residing in Danbury, Connecticut. From an early age, I was always fascinated by the visual arts. Growing up with an old Minolta 35mm SLR that my parents received as a wedding present, I enjoyed photographing landscapes and friends skateboarding since the age of 8. Later, fueled by my passion for photography, I went on to film school to pursue my degree in lighting for motion pictures.

In the past decade I reignited my love for photography and formed my business, Modern Fotographic. I shoot landscapes, which I’m best known for, and I also shoot weddings, conceptual portraits, products, and estates. I am now starting to make a name for myself locally as a modern, artistic wedding photographer. I enjoy the challenge of creating art and photojournalism along with the pressure of getting the shot as it happens in wedding photography.

With my landscape work, I love capturing the surrealism in a scene which is there but not always apparent to the naked eye. I often use use extremely long exposures using ND filters to bring out these qualities within the frame. I don’t work in layers or perform photo manipulations, I only use traditional photography processing techniques to capture my photos (dodging, burning, contrast, saturation, white balance, etc.). I enjoy the process of shooting using on-camera filters for my scapes. For filters, I use a Hoya ND400 (9-stop neutral density) and ND Grad filters to hold back the sky highlights and balance the exposure. I use Lightroom only for processing my photographs.”

To see more of Dave’s incredible landscapes and other bodies of work, you can visit his portfolio site by clicking here. You can also follow him on Facebook and DeviantArt.


Dave Noonan


October Morning

Modern Contrast II NYC






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David D

beautiful lines. awesome work

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