Inspiring Kids Through Photography

Lens & Learn is a project sponsored by Canon and Pictage that brought top photographers together to teach kids about photography at the Boys and Girls Club in Las Vegas. This is a wonderful feature and it’d be great to see more of this in the photography world. There is a great feeling and satisfaction in inspiring children to do something new in their life and photography is one of those things that kids just seem to love no matter what.

The camera toss at the end is awesome.

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Diana Eftaiha

great video dude. thanks

Dan desborough

Great stuff!

Last year I ran a similar incentive to get kids interested in photography by getting all the local schools involved and running bi monthly competitions with themes and getting the kids to think creatively and submit their best images to be judged and then displayed in a local gallery.
It got quite popular but then we came up with an issue with the local authority and it had to be stopped. I’d very much like to get it going again as the kids had amazing creative ideas and so much potential:)

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