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Isabelle Ribeiro

Isabelle Ribeiro was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She moved to Florida to attend college, and received her B.A. in Art from the University of Central Florida. Her big passions are photography and collecting Asian ball-jointed dolls. Those two things inevitably came together, resulting in a large body of work consisting of doll portraits.

The dolls’ hair color, eyes, head mold, facial expression, body type and outfits are completely customized by their owners. This was what first attracted her to the hobby, and ever since she was introduced to photography, Isabelle has used her dolls as subjects. It soon became clear that these photographs were not your regular still life. They are portraits, and the dolls are treated as people.

Jillian on Blue
Gaia on Pink
Lucia on Pink

The ability to have full control over the subjects and situations is essential to the artist; it is a form for her to have control of her own life, and it is, most importantly, a way to study her own psychological patterns that are subtly depicted in the images of her dolls.

Jillian in the dark
Lucia on blue
Gaia and Lucia on blue
Trio in the dark

Isabelle has exhibited her photographs nationally and hopes to continue to do so throughout her career as a photographer. Her dolls, as well as her photographs, are a true expression of her own personality and life, and she invites the viewers to interpret and perhaps even relate to them.

You can view more of Isabelle’s amazing photography of dolls and more subjects at her website. She also blogs on a regular basis and you can follow her on twitter like we did.

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woooowww…. they’re very cute… wanna have one..

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