Kansas At Its Best – Outdoor Photography by Garett Gabriel

Garett Gabriel is an avid outdoorsman, photographer and naturalist based in South Central Kansas. Since the age of fourteen, when his father gave him his first real camera, Garett has had a passion for adventure photography which takes him traveling across the US, documenting wildlife and nature. Garett also takes great pictures of his home state, Kansas. His photography shows a familiarity with the natural beauty and landscapes of Kansas, as well as a talent for capturing different atmospheres.

To see more of Garett’s work, visit his website, Facebook page or browse through his Flickr photostream.

Garett Gabriel Kansas Big Blue Sky

Kansas Big Blue Sky

Garett Gabriel Kansas Sunrise

Kansas Sunrise

Garett Gabriel Kansas Lake Dawn Reflection Trees


Garett Gabriel Kansas Landscape


Garett Gabriel Kansas Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer in Sunset

Dandelion at Sunset

Dandelion at Sunset

Garett Gabriel Kansas Whitetail Skull

Whitetail Skull

Garett Gabriel Kansas Lake Dawn Reflection Trees

Dawn Reflection

Garett Gabriel Kansas Dry Lake

Dry Lake

Garett Gabriel Kansas Drought


Garett Gabriel Kansas True Grit Version

True Grit Version

Garett Gabriel Kansas Cheney Lake

Cool Front

Garett Gabriel Kansas Geese Landing on Pond

Geese Landing on Pond

Garett Gabriel Kansas Cormorants


Garett Gabriel Kansas Milky Way

Milky Way

Garett Gabriel Kansas Storm Lightning

Tesla on the Plains

Garett Gabriel Kansas Canyons


Garett Gabriel Kansas Monument Rock Stargate


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Connie Keyes

Thank you for sharing the Kansas photographer’s work. I was born and raised in Kansas, although moved away before high school. I have visited many times and apparently have not sampled enough of the state, because I have never seen any of the mountainous landscapes. The rest are the Kansas of my memories. Guess it is time to schedule another trip and explore well outside of the NE corner where all the family live.

Again Thank you for sharing the photography is wonderful and very inspiring.


Wowww cool pics:)

Lori Root

Wonderful photography!!! He sees and shoots things in such a way that brings out the beauty of Kansas.


Garett has come such a long way over the three years that I’ve been following his work. Photography Blogger has selected some of my favourites. He has a very good eye for beautiful photographic moments. Makes me want to get out and be in nature myself.


Amazing work. I really enjoyed the looking at the photos.

Chris Tuma

Beautiful work here Garett! As a born and raised Kansan who migrated to Colorado, I love seeing the beauties of Kansas. So many believe that Kansas has nothing to offer because all they see is I-70 or I-35 which don’t do justice to the subtle nuances of Kansas’ beauty. Thank you for sharing your eye.

Garett Gabriel

Thank you very much everyone for the kind words & support. And thank you very much Tim for exhibiting some of my images here on Photography Blogger! It’s an honor!


I like the “Kansas” picture. Those differences in the green makes it interesting for me. I also like the fact that it has depth, I see the water in the background, those hills even further and the flowers in the foreground. This might be the future of photography. it is like 3D movies now, you have to get used to it, but there are more details captured. but maybe it is different with photography.

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