Kari Herer – Illustrated Photography

Much like Pencil Vs. Camera, Kari Herer has produced a beautiful series of pictures that combines photography with illustration. However, her technique is opposite to Ben Heine‘s: instead of putting drawings into photos, she uses photography to recreate her original artwork.

To see more of Kari’s photography, visit her blog, website, or Etsy shop.

rabbit flowers drawing

rabbit no. 0059

rabbit flowers drawing

rabbit no. 0056

antler drawing flowers

Antler No. 4217

antler flower drawing

Antler No. 4226

rabbit drawing flowers tail

rabbit no. 0053

rabbit drawing flowers

rabbit no. 0050

magnolia flowers drawing

Magnolia and flower illustration no. 6688

magnolia and flower drawing

Magnolia and flower illustration no. 6692

magnolia flowers bug drawing

Magnolia Bug No. 6657

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Alex Mortimer 'West Yorkshire Photographer'

Interesting concept. I must admit I prefer the illustrations which relate to the object they are matched with, so an illustration of a flower stem with an actual flower head attached, not quite sure that the flower for a rabbits tail or eye works for me, doesn’t quite make sense. Would be interested to see how this idea could grow!

Soumen Nath

Amazing concept.
Very creative and inspiring.
Got to try this myself. 🙂

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