Kickstarter Showcase #3

Kickstarter is an awesome crowdsourcing site to find new inventions and gear that can improve the way you do photography. Here are some great photography projects from Kickstarter going on at the moment.

Axis360: modular motion control for cameras
A compact, motorized tripod head and slider for dynamic video and timelapse photography.

Fractal Filters: Creative filters to enhance your media
Artistic filters that add an imaginative touch to your photos (and videos). Fractal Filters inspire you to capture creatively.

The Looky Loo Light
Kids love to look at everything and sometimes everything except the camera! That’s where the Looky Loo comes in.

Ember – The Night Photography Tool for iPhone
iPhone light accessory for night photography. Capture incredible night time photos and videos with soft, warm light.

Silencer Follow Focus System
The only follow focus controlled by a trigger. Virtually silent, it offers both true Run & Gun capability and cinematic focus movement.

The Pocket Drone – Your personal flying robot
The world’s first multicopter that’s powerful enough to carry a high quality action camera and folds up smaller than a 7in tablet.

GoPhone: The iPhone case essential for your GoPro camera kit
GoPhone is an iPhone 5, 5s case that doubles as a comfortable handle & monitor for your GoPro Camera allowing you to have more control.

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