Kickstarter Showcase #6

Kickstarter is an awesome crowdsourcing site to find new inventions and gear that can improve the way you do photography. Among this month’s picks there are two unique cameras, a flipbook and a professional light meter for your mobile devices.

OTTO – The Hackable GIF Camera
Besides being the only camera that makes animated GIFs, OTTO is an image-making machine that can transform into hundreds of different cameras with a quick tap. GIFs, time-lapses, impromptu photo booths, or something brand new, OTTO is ready for adventure! OTTO lets you take photos with a real camera, while still being able to easily see and share them via your phone. The camera comes with a number of apps that change the way it takes pictures, and you can change its software to make it do whatever you want.

Reflip: Sharing Memories one Flipbook at a Time!
Reflip takes any 10-second clip from a video of your choice and transforms it into a fun custom flipbook that you can gift to your friends and family or just keep for yourself. Reflip is all about converting special spontaneous moments into surprising and delightful gifts, allowing you to create something special from what would have just been one more video on your phone.

The Lomo’Instant Camera
The Lomo’Instant is an instant camera by Lomography with a great camera system and cool features. It combines the fun of instant analogue photography with new technologies. The camera has different lens systems, shooting modes and the ability to take multiple and long exposures. The Lomo’Instant is accessible for everyone, from long-time instant photography lovers to first-time instant camera owners.

Luxi For All – Light Meter for Mobile Devices
Luxi For All is a diffusion dome attachment for your mobile device’s front-facing camera. When paired with the Luxi app, Luxi For All will help you determine the best settings for your DSLR or other camera, so you can take perfectly exposed pictures. It’s just like one of those fancy old-school light meters, but at a far better price. And because it works with the gadget you already have in your pocket, it’s way more convenient!

Recently featured Kickstarter projects that still have a few days to go are Understanding Stanley and Iconic Photos of Muhammed Ali.

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