Kickstarter Showcase #8

Kickstarter is an awesome crowdsourcing site to find new inventions, gear and inspiring work by other photographers. This month’s pick for avid photographers is a motion-controlled slider.

Nebo Slider: The lightest motion-controlled slider in the world
The Nebo Slider is the perfect companion for photographers and film makers on the go. It was made to be light enough to backpack with and is able to break down to fit in a carry-on bag. Anyone who has ever wanted to carry a slider with them, but couldn’t because their slider was were too big or heavy should consider the Nebo Slider.

While there are time lapse sliders with more advanced motion control nothing compares with the Nebo Slider’s weight and portability. It was designed to be a robust, easy to use system that will be reliable for photographers far from home. It easily fits in your carry-on bag.

Fits in your carry-on

Photography has always been about connecting with nature and the amazing world we live in for Chris Mabey. He got his first camera when he was 17 and in his words, “I had no idea what I was doing then.” Since then he has spent a lot of time experimenting and learning how to capture the world in the way he would like.

The national parks are a big part of Chris’ photography. It was in Grand Teton National Park that he created the first image he was really proud of. Last year he visited 13 national parks to capture how they were affected by budget cuts. Chris put about 6,000 miles on his car over the course of three weeks.

That trip helped him get his first big editorial assignment covering the United States government shutdown in Zion, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon National Parks. During this assignment, Kip Hacking accompanied Chris on assignment and the two talked about how great it would have been to have a lightweight option for capturing moving time lapses in the national parks.

Hacking and Mabey went on to spend the next year designing and prototyping the Nebo Slider, the lightest motion-controlled slider in the world. The Nebo Slider is a great option for time lapses and video work. The 40 inch (1 meter) slider will break down to fit in a carry-on bag and weighs less than 3.2 pounds (1.5 kg). For those that do not need a motor, a manual version is available that weighs 2.2 pounds. Their company Capture Beyond Limits is designing equipment that won’t weigh photographers and filmmakers down as they capture the amazing world we live in.

For more information about Capture Beyond Limits visit their website at and for more of Chris Mabey’s photography work visit If you missed out on Kickstarter campaign you can still purchase the motorized Nebo Slider for $749 at their store, offer ends September 30th.

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