Kid at Heart – 23 Lego Portraits from Reggie Ballesteros

Reggie Ballesteros is a 23-year-old freelance photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a mechanical engineer and a self-described “kid at heart”, Reggie always photographs with a keen eye for detail, technical precision, and a touch of whimsy. His portfolio of work includes events and weddings, lifestyle portraiture, product photography, and pop art. Although Reggie primarily shoots digital, using a Nikon D600 and an assortment of prime lenses, he tends to use both natural light and strobist lighting techniques in order to achieve a softer look reminiscent of film.

To see more of Reggie’s work, check out his website, Facebook, and Flickr Photostream.

Reggie Ballesteros1

Reggie Ballesteros2

Reggie Ballesteros3

Reggie Ballesteros4

Reggie Ballesteros5

Reggie Ballesteros6

Reggie Ballesteros7

Reggie Ballesteros8

Reggie Ballesteros9

Reggie Ballesteros10

Reggie Ballesteros11

Reggie Ballesteros12

Reggie Ballesteros13

Reggie Ballesteros14

Reggie Ballesteros15

Reggie Ballesteros16

Reggie Ballesteros17

Reggie Ballesteros18

Reggie Ballesteros19

Reggie Ballesteros20

Reggie Ballesteros21

Reggie Ballesteros22

Reggie Ballesteros23

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Alick Henry

I really liked your idea of photography, it looks better when you go by heart and capture some magical photos for kids, i always look forward to such kind of remarkable pics for my nephew. hope you will continue this for next post. thanks a lot, i enjoyed the show here.

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