Learn How Photos Were Made – Fotozaar Volume 1

Fotozaar is a series of eBooks that teach photography by example. Edited by Steve Berardi, founder of PhotoNaturalist, each eBook contains a collection of compelling photographs and the stories of how they were made.

example images

Step by step, the photographer of each image walks you through the exact process they used to create that image — so you can use those same techniques to expand your own photography skills.

For each image, you’ll learn about things like:

  • Camera settings used to create the image (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.)
  • Equipment used (camera, lens, filters, etc.)
  • How the photographer chose the composition
  • What the lighting conditions were and how they affected the image
  • Any post-processing that altered the final image
  • Any special equipment that was needed
  • The photographer’s personal guidelines for creating similar images
  • The photographer’s intention and inspiration for creating the image
  • Any interesting back story about the subject itself
  • What the photographer would change about the image
  • What aspects ultimately made the photograph successful

Click here to read more about Fotozaar – Volume 1 and even download a free sample…

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