Learn Photography by Example

One of the best ways to improve your photography is to look at example photos that other photographers have taken and learn about the settings, light, equipment, composition, and any other special considerations that were used to make that photo. I’ve recently picked up another ebook by Steve Berardi, a talented photographer and blogger, called Examples, a collection of 23 of his images and the stories of how those images were made.


For each image in this 30 page ebook, you’ll learn about:

  • Camera settings used (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc)
  • Equipment used (camera, lens, filters, etc)
  • How the composition was chosen
  • Lighting conditions and how they affected the image
  • Special considerations for wildlife (e.g. the importance of knowing their behavior)
  • Summary of any post-processing actions
  • And, many more lessons Steve has learned from making these images

Learn Photography by Example

You can find more information about Examples by Steve Berardi and download a free 8 page preview on his website.

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