Life in the Fast Lane – Hoi An Time-Lapse

We featured Rob Whitworth’s popular Vietnam Traffic time-lapse a little while back, and he has just finished another time-lapse called Life in the Fast Lane, which details time he spent in the city of Hoi An.

“I was privileged to call Hoi An my home for just over a year. As a visitor I will only ever understood a fraction of the activity that keeps the streets and waterways alive. I wanted to capture and share some of the sights that inspired me during my time in this historic town. Hoi An has effectively been preserved in time from it’s days as one of South East Asia’s busiest trading ports. Each day the morning calm disappears in a frenzy of activity as everyday life starts over.”

Check out more of Rob’s work on his website.

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Joe Palffy

Cool time-lapse video, and a very fitting sound track, great work!

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