24 Beautiful Lightning Pictures

I love thunderstorms. I lived in an area once that was known for having some awesome shows of power by nature and I would routinely just sit outside on my porch to feel the thunder and watch the lightning display it’s marvelous beauty. It’s amazing how much attention we give to how much power humans can create through our own technology and thinking yet nature continues to make the strongest armies bow when it decides to release it’s fury.

Here are 24 great photos of lightning.

1. My First Try

My First Try

2. ¡Rayos!


3. Standing at the end

Standing at the end

4. Night Thunderstorm

Night Thunderstorm

5. twas a dark and stormy night

twas a dark and stormy night

6. Finding Earth

finding earth

7. Hell is about to break loose on 610

hell is about to break loose on 610

8. The Brindabella Light Show

Light Show

9. Charleston Blues

Charleston Blues

10. Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes

11. Lightning in Boston Harbor

Lightning in Boston Harbor

12. God’s Hand

God's Hand

13. Toronto Thunderstorm

Toronto Thunderstorm

14. Thunderstorm over Beirut

Thunderstorm over Beirut

15. Calgary Stampede Lightning

Calgary Stampede Lightning

16. House


17. bolt behind farm

bolt behind farm

18. lightning


19. full moon exposure

full moon exposure

20. lightning strike

lightning strike

21. Volcano Break With Lightning

volcano break with lightning

22. Lightning


23. Eiffel Tower Lightning Strike

Eiffel Tower Lightning Strike

24. Field Lightning

field lightning

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