Lightroom Made Easy – Online Video Tutorial Series

Lightroom has become the go-to software for many photographers to edit and organize their photos. It offers a ton of features that allow workflows to be quicker, photos to look better, and assistance in improving storage and portfolio management. Lightroom can also be slightly overwhelming with all of the options it offers to a photographer. It’s the reason Steele Training put together a comprehensive video course covering all aspects of Lightroom so that photographers can be utilized with the tools and knowledge needed to maximize their use of this helpful software (link). These 24 online videos have over 5 hours of hands-on instruction and the course is something you should consider if you’re looking to advance your Lightroom knowledge.


Here are some of the topics covered in the video tutorial series.

  • Create Stunning Images – Make your photos “pop” like the shots you see in magazines.
  • Get More Done in less time -Dramatically increase your photography output—zipping through photo processing tasks in minutes that used to take hours or days.
  • Protect Your Copyrights – Automatically embed hidden data in your photos to protect your images from theft or misuse—and to guarantee you get paid.
  • Never Lose Another Photo – Get your photos organized—whether you have one hundred or 100,000—so that you’ll never lose another image again.
  • Retouch Portraits Like a Pro – Quickly and subtly retouch portraits to remove imperfections, enhance beauty, and keep clients coming back.
  • Create Instant Web Galleries – Display your photos for clients or the public in impressive, customized galleries on your own web site—with just a few clicks.
  • Remove Flaws and Defects – Remove unwanted objects, blemishes, or unsightly sensor dust from photos.
  • Share Photos Easily – Instantly upload your edited photos to social sharing sites like Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and more.
  • Attract Search Engines – Tag your photos with keywords to lure Internet search engines and boost your sales.
  • Make Beautiful Slideshows – Quickly create stunning slideshows, with music, for friends, clients, or presentations.
  • Find the Right Photo When You Need It – Use ratings, labels, categories, keywords, and names to make it easy to always find your best shots, or those most suited to a particular job or client.

Read more about these topics and the video course on the Steele Training website.

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