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We want to share a guest post by Timothy Poulton, founder of OneOfAKind app. OneOfAKind is a photography location guide app. It’s a game changer for  photographers on how to plan, find and just view locations to shoot. The best part about it, the information is being built upon by  photographers from around the world. Locals know best is their belief. OOAK FB

Sample images shared and found in the OneOfAKind app.

The Empress

The Empress – © OneOfAKind, PhotographyBlogger.net



Yosemite Valley – © OneOfAKind, PhotographyBlogger.net


© OneOfAKind, PhotographyBlogger.net



Slippery-Dip – © OneOfAKind, PhotographyBlogger.net

As landscape photographers and artists, we are constantly creating. We make all sorts of
images and videos from an interpretation of available light, recording and augmenting beauty; we show the world how we envision it. We travel the earth in search of the right weather, the right cloud, the most striking waterfall and the deepest, darkest night sky to witness the delicate blush of the Aurora. We will hike in the rain, soldier through thick snow and travel to far-reaching nooks of the globe to capture the many hidden sanctuaries and discover ourselves. All this is the result of the undying, never ending search for images that will be the pillars of our portfolios.


We all have our favorite places to go and practice the magic, to combine our visions with what lies before us. This is what our heart beats for; the discovery of new places. Locations near and far; a Pandora’s Box of potential… Finally, an app has arrived that brings together the invaluable information and inspiration from the worlds’ best landscape photographers, we are One Of A Kind Photography Adventures and we are proud to announce our new Location Guide App for iPhone.

Available now for free in the App Store, it is simply titled “oneofakind”. This app has been
designed with the photographer in mind, presenting a beautiful, simplistic and ad-free
interface that has been created to maximize the impact of the each locations’ signature image. Information about each location includes: GPS coordinates, photographer tips, weather & sun positions plus a map to help you get there. The inbuilt gyroscope moves to show you the whole image on screen, (perfect for compositional challenges on-location) with a flick of the arm to the left or right. Several other finishes have been added, to enhance the user experience as well as pleasing to the eye and true to the images.



OneOfAKind_AppWith careful thought and foresight to the future; we have included some features such as the ability to store your favorite locations in the Planner, indicated by the star icon. This is particularly useful if you are researching a trip or wish to save it for future reference. Leaving a heart will help us rank the guides which are most loved by our contributors and users alike. Sharing locations is easy and offers options such as Email, Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps the most useful part of the app, is the ability to search by image type, or by photographer. Not just limited to a map search, it is possible to search by image category, from Astrophotography to Black and White, plus common genres like Abstract and Panorama.

Our app is the result of more than a year of hard work, trials and tribulations that come with creating something so complex, from a series of ones and zeros. It is our belief that this app, designed towards the needs of photographers or travelers from any part of the world, is a valuable resource. There is no better feeling to travel, unfettered by heavy books or bi-fold maps.

OneOfAKind_App This app taps into the global community of the internet, calling on photographers of all experience levels from around the world to sign up and pass on their knowledge about their local area and favorite haunts. A book is not complete without its pages, and neither is our app without contributors. For those bemoaning the lack of locations available in their region, it is simply because nobody has written any guides for the area – meaning that you should do it! We are the sum of all our parts – we are nothing without the dedication of our contributors. There are never too many guides and there are millions of places around this world to chart. Register to contribute on the website and start adding guides!

ooakmapThis hasn’t all happened overnight, it has been the result of hard work and perseverance to build this from the ground up, a project that everyone believes in. One of A Kind Photography Adventures, are a small Australian startup, comprised of four leading landscape photographers in their respective niches, every single one of them dedicated to driving forward positive change in the photographic industry . One of a Kind are most known for taking small group photographic trips, beginning almost four years ago to different parts of Australia. These trips take participants off the roads and up the mountains, glaciers, plateaus, to less-traveled places, often for extended weekends.

ooakplannerNow, staring down the barrel of adventures all over the world beginning in 2015, the One of a Kind Photography Adventures team is not holding back. Whilst staying true to destinations that have put us on the map, each year brings new places to shoot, new friends to be cemented over fine brews and local tonics. It is this honest approach to reveling in the outdoors, learning to love, appreciate and respect the natural world around us that continues to drive demand for these tours. Our mantra here at One Of a Kind Photography Adventures has always been to spread the spirit of the adventure, to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings and embrace that driving force within all of us, to seek out the images from locations that most would see as too difficult. Remember that each and every one of you have something to contribute to the world. Your vision as a photographer and a creative being helps further beautify the world we all share. If you believe in it, your passion will shine. immerse yourself, challenge yourself and never be afraid to make mistakes.Whether you count yourself as amateur or experienced, try something different, or go somewhere new. Download the app and go for a walk. You never know what’s out there today…

As we speak, the Android version is being written, due for release in early 2015.

If you have an iPhone haven’t already got the app, please download and try it out. We are
always open to suggestions for improvement.

If you wish to join more than 250 photographers who have already contributed over 1000
guides, please sign up to contribute at oneofakind.net.au.

This is not a sponsored post and PhotographyBlogger.net does not have any financial gain from this post, we feel OneOfAKind is worth introducing to our photography community.

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Jay Long

Nice looking app; seems like a large amount of information in one easy-to-locate place. Well done.


Thanks for sharing! Looks like a wonderful resource.

Kevin Petersen

Can’t wait to use it. Thanks for sharing such a nice app.

Amanda Gentle Photography

Only a good photographers feel to shoot pictures. Thanks for posts and shared information with all. Nice tip…

Dof Photography

good to have it,thanks


Thanks for sharing such a nice app.


Wonderful landscapes and photos…


Very interesting idea. I don’t think you can take too amazing photographs with a phone, you really need a dslr.


COOL! Waiting for the Droid version… 😉


I am giving it a try, to see if there is any nice location in Hong Kong and Macau.

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