12 Beautiful Pictures from Lupen Grainne Photography

Lupen Grainne is a self-taught photographer from Sonoma County California who enjoys the magical element of photography. Her work makes even plain objects seem ever-so-slightly enchanted, showing off the subtle beauty of ‘common life’.

To view more of Lupen’s photography, check out her shops Honey Tree and Grainne Photography.

Tea cup photograph - Art for Kitchen Still life tea time reflection trees

Morning Reflection

Cow photograph Black and white green hill farm country pale sky clouds

Curious Cow

Vintage wooden spools Photograph

A collection of wooden spools

Tree branches photograph heart photo natural brown

Wild Heart

 bouquet spring flowers minimalist simple dreamy peach pink

Sugar Baby

Still Life Photo pale mint sage antique vintage housewares silverware silver


Red hearts photograph - clothes line vintage shabby chic paper love

Love Multiplies

France photograph a set of old keys in an cyan blue mint green old wooden door

Key to the Winery

Flock of birds photograph - beach soft neutral gray birds earthtones seascape

A River of Birds

Queen Anne Lace pastel blue wildflower photograph soft faded blue soft texture pale blue white flower


The Journey awaits - Fine Art Landscape Photograph wooden footpath

The Journey Awaits

 travel photograph - wooden boats beach nautical

Fisherman's day off

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  1. sjorkjeis

    Hello, i really like your photo’s. I now have your blog added to my favorites. Keep up the good work! Greetz ( sorry for my bad english)

  2. Greg McQueen

    I love your photos Lupen. In an age of over-saturated, HDR photos, it is refreshing to see your rather subdued images. They evoke imagination and emotion that is often missing in modern photography.
    Great Work,


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