Modern Black and White Photography by Maryia Ramanava

Maryia Ramanava‘s photography includes landscapes, portraits, architecture and conceptual art, but regardless of the subject, her photos have a modern style and an urban ambiance. She tends to favor black and white, a great choice for highlighting lines and shadows, especially in architecture. The absence of color also emphasizes the urban aspect of her photography, bringing out the gritty grayness of the city and contrasting it against the sterile brightness of modern interiors.

To see more of Maryia’s photography, visit her flickr photostream or etsy shop.

black and white spiral staircase

Budapest Snail

black and white eye glasses


modern architecture black and white

Broken Line

Geneva water fountain

Geneva. Heat

White Sheep

White Sheep

Ma ligne de chance

Ma ligne de chance

Where Do You Go black and white legs

Where Do You Go

Arrow black and white architecture


Man and Lake black and white photography

Man and Lake

Rose Eye black and white

Rose Eye

Self Closed black and white self portrait


Around Myself black and white self portrait

Around Myself

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