Must Have iPhone Photography Apps

With the recent additions of Verizon and Sprint, nearly everyone I know has an iPhone nowadays. And with the new iPhone 4s, the camera boosts an 8 megapixel sensor and a larger f/2.4 aperture that lets in more light in dark situations.

To quote Chase Jarvis, “The best camera is the one that’s with you,” I believe that to be sage advice.

While this may not be the all-in-encompassing iPhone photography apps list, it’ll get you started. They are apps that I’ve boughten and used and continue to make my iPhone, well, not just a phone.



Price: Free

Instagram is a lot like Facebook, but instead of a post in words, you let your photo do the talking. The interface is easy to navigate, the filters are superb, and the community around Instagram is thriving. Only downfall, if you can call it one, is that every shot is a square, so stop thinking 2×3!



Price: ($.99)

Camera+ has been at the top of the charts for quite a while, so I’d assume you know what this app can do. I love adding clarity to my images the most. It’s replaced the standard camera app on my iPhone.



Price: $1.99

PictureShow is an all in one ToyCamera. It emulates various analog toy cameras. You can start off from a random preset and then fine tuning it from there or just start from scratch and add effects. There are a ton of features and effects in this app!



Price: $1.99

Magic Hour is anything but another lame photo effect app. It offers a robust and flexible set of photo editing tools that allow you to create and share your own filters. The amazing Filter Market is hands down one of my favorite features of any photography app.



Price: $1.99

Pano for iPhone lets you take beautiful, seamless panoramic photos straight from your phone, no other software necessary.


Tiny Planet Photos

Price: $.99

Turn your photo into a tiny planet. One shot stereographic projections!

Take a photo, or choose a photo from your camera roll and with one tap convert it into a tiny planet. Or push the photo inside out into a tiny tube!


Photogene 2

Price: $1.99

Photogene is back with a brand new version! Loads of new features and a completely overhauled user interface.

Photogene is the ultimate tool for handling your iPhone photos. The app offers a wide selection of photo editing tools. No gimmicks – they will actually make your photos look better.



Price: $1.99

Filterstorm was designed from the ground up to meet your mobile photo editing needs. Using a uniquely crafted touch interface, Filterstorm allows for more intuitive editing than its desktop counterparts with a toolset designed for serious photography.

Filterstorm contains a suite of powerful tools including curves manipulation, color correction abilities, noise reduction, unsharp masking, and black and white conversion fine-tuning. Its powerful layering and masking tools, giving you the ability to apply filters by brush, color range, gradient, and more, as well as to the entire image.



Price: Free

Snapseed is made from the company called Nik, one of the leaders in photo editing applications for the Mac. I use Color Efex and Silver Efex in conjugation with Lightroom and Photoshop. Like in these 2 apps, you can put individual control points and adjust just that part of the image. Pretty amazing.


Dynamic Light

Price $.99

Dynamic Light gives you the best and most vibrant HDR-like look on any mobile platform. And this is all accomplished from just a single image using only a single dial. Rotate the dial to the right and you get the very same HDR look you had admired on many photographic sites.



Price: $1.99

With stylish templates which are already within the application, you will be able to create posters without great effort.

This App is for you to create posters to promote and invite your friends at your party, concert, birthday etc.



Price: $.99

Diptic helps you easily combine multiple photos and apply artistic effects to create exceptional photo collages that can be shared with friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or Posterous. With rounded borders, 21 customizable layouts and color effects, there are unlimited options to create unique images!


The Photographers Ephemeris

Price: $8.99

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) helps you plan your outdoor photography shoots, particularly landscape and urban scenes.

It is a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, be it day or night, for any location on earth. Must have for any outdoor photographer!

These are my personal favorites, but obviously you have an iPhone.

What are YOUR favorite go to apps for taking and editing photos on your iPhone?

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nice.. could you do a similar post for all those android users?? I recently got rid of my iphone favouring a Samsung galaxy S2 which is amazing!!! I loved instagram but cant find anything I like thats similar


I have an android too and searching for those apps, I found out that most of them are available for droids too! 🙂

Ralph Velasco
Hope you don’t mind my saying, and perhaps I’m a little biased, but it seems that so many of the big name apps get all the press and the little guys kind of get lost. I’m a professional travel photographer, author and international photo tour guide and I’ve created an iPhone app called My Shot Lists for Travel. It’s not yet another editing app that allows the user to add a simple filter or put a frame around the image, and I like to think that My Shot Lists for Travel is an incredibly useful app that helps users to… Read more »
Mark - Devon Wedding Photographer

I’m terrible and don’t do anything creative with my iPhone (only iPhone 4) so I think I might have to have a play with some of these….. reading your blog might just have got expensive, but in a fun way 🙂

Russel Woods
Excellent list! I’ve been looking for photography apps to download and this list gave me an idea which ones to pick the next time I hit the Apple App Store. I’m currently using Snap-A-Note which I downloaded for free and it’s pretty simple compared to others because it doesn’t have filters or editing options. However, what I liked about it is that it allows me to send the pictures I take directly to my email, so that I can edit them later on or use them as reminders if I have to purchase things. You guys might wanna check it… Read more »


I’m trying to find out which iPhone-app this picture is taken with!/Xander0404/status/175938899355508736/photo/1

can you help me in any way? maybe you have seen it in one of your apps?

John Pugh


Only just found this page and your comment – might be too late but just in case, that photo you referenced seems to have been taken with Camera+ from Tap Tap Tap. Careful, there is a similar app from Global Delight. Not so good in my opinion.
Do a search in App Store to find.



This is a pretty good list! I’ve found a few more that seem to be really good here:

Tristumb b

Blux camera seems pretty awesome


And where is the best of them all — Hipstamatic?

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