My Bucket List (In Photos)

Life is short. At what point do you decide to start living it?

Excluding time travel, the following is my bucket list explained in photos.

What are some of YOUR ventures you wish to do before YOU die?

Antarctica Sailing Trip by 23am

Sail Through The Antarctic Ice

Havasu Falls on path to campground - Grand Canyon by Al_HikesAZ

Hike Down To The Havasupai Indian Reservation within Grand Canyon

Killer Whales and a Glacier by Rennett Stowe

Go Whale Watching in Alaska

El Capitan by Jitze Couperus

Climb El Capitan

Happy Afternoon Frolic by pterantula

Cage Dive With Great White Sharks In South Africa

The Great Wall by Bernard Goldbach

Go Jogging on the Great Wall of China

Explosion of Aurora Borealis in The Arctic Circle by nate2b

Experience The Aurora Borealis In The Arctic

Camel Train on the Dunes by Martin Allen

Ride a Camel In The Moroccan Dessert

Take Me to the Drive-In (Explored) by Joe Penniston

Watch Cinema Paradiso at a Drive-In Movie Theater Under The Stars

image by jhannon1

Hot Air Balloon Over Wine Country (w/ a bottle of wine, of course)

Sunset at Ko'Olina by Joe Philipson

Surf The Waves in Hawaii

PhotonQ-Exploring Oceans 2.0 by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE

Explore The Great Barrier Reef

Magic Mush by Steve Jurvetson

Go Dog Sledding in Alaska

A monk meditating at the Shwedagong Pagoda in Yangon by Marius Arnesen

Meditate With a Monk In Yangon

Cherry dance in Kyoto, Japan 都をどり、京都、日本 6 by Conveyor belt sushi

Witness a Geisha Perform The ‘Cherry Blossom Dance’ In Kyoto, Japan

Spy pond - winter by tim t.

Play Hockey With Wayne Gretzky On A Frozen Pond

'Peeking Through', Argentina, El Chalten, Mt. Fitzroy by Christopher Schoenbohm

Discover El Chalten in Argentina

Catedral de Mármol by Claudio Alvarado Solari

Get Lost In Patagonia

Korean DMZ 비무장지대- US Army Korea by by Edward N. Johnson

Cross ‘The Bridge of No Return’ between North & South Korea

Elephant trekking, Laos by Mandala Travel

Trek Through Laos by Elephant

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  1. Shural Dolitz

    I was surprised to see the first 3 of your bucket list were exactly the same as mine that I thought my computer had been hacked. But the remaining were different and I’d love to see these places by driving an RV and what ever else I can fit in that way I can live in it and go at my own pace. I want to go sky diving last, (just in case my shoot doesn’t open). I have cancer, no idea how long I have left. But, nobody really does anyway. I just have a “heads up”. I probably wont be able to do any of my bucket list as I’ve since lost my job leaving me with just enough to live on to enjoy the lovely flavor or ramon noodles, but I’m not complaining… it can always be worse as I have learned. I lost 2 little boys previously at different times. But I’m still not bitter. Life is precious… and have been honored to have been given the opportunity to have been enabled to enjoy what I have. I hope you are able to achieve your bucket list. Thank you for sharing your dreams. Its nice to know I’m not the only one who wishes to see the beauty in the world before it disappears as well.

    • Chaz Curry

      Keep your head up Shural!

      My girlfriend is a recent Cancer survivor. It’s really hard to talk about in fact.

      You know that old saying… ‘What doesn’t kill ya, only makes ya stronger.’

      Before her Cancer, I knew nothing about it only that it was death, but now I obviously know and understand it.

      I haven’t accepted it, if there’s a word to put on it, but I know that it changes your outlook on life, and I see that in you.

  2. Phyllis

    I wish you good luck with playing hockey with Wayne Gretsky on a frozen pond! You would probably have a better chance of sharing a glass of wine with him at his winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake

    Cheers from Southern Ontario (great list by the way)

    • Chaz Curry

      Hi Phyllis!

      Actually I’m a die hard Kings fan (recent Stanley Cup winners… hell, it only took us 44 years and even then Gretzky couldn’t help us do that!) and ya, that may seem like a bit of a stretch, but he’s The Great One, after all.

      That guy just knew where to go even before the puck got there. It was like he could read the play even better it happened.

      I’ve played up in Toronto and Vancouver when I was little, but not Ontario. Hope I make it back up there one day.


  3. Lito Espina

    Exciting list. I’ll include this in my bucket list too – Experience The Aurora Borealis In The Artic. Hope you’ll accomplish these soon. Happy Friday.

    • Chaz Curry

      Thanks Lito!

      A bunch of friend photog friends have experienced (and shot) The Aurora Borealis. I’m so jealous. But I know I can’t take their word for it; I have to experience it for myself.

      Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. anil bose

    Just wanted your opinion i have dslr crop format sony a35. In the near future will need do photoshoots for publication wanted know if it can be done with the same camera or really move the full frame ones like canon 6d or nikon d600. Will the diff be clear? Using their short zooms 24-100 range. picures to be printed can be as large as 14″ by 8″

    • Chaz Curry

      Hi Anil.

      Let’s stop and pause at this scenario for a second… My Nikon D3 and D3s are only 12mp compared to your 16mp Sony A35. While Megapixels don’t = quality per say, your DSLR just needs some more love from your lenses.

      Are you still rocking the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens? While it depends on what you are shooting, I’d recommend you spending a small amount of money on the Sony 50mm f/1.8. Again, it kind of depends on what you are shooting.

      To be honest, your camera is fantastic (Sony has always made some great cameras and especially some great lenses… Carl Zeiss!) and it sounds like you just need to master your settings and really get in and use it more.

      Also, make sure to shoot in RAW so you have more flexibility to change things in post.

  5. The Soul Explorer

    Awesome photos! Love it!

  6. Amber Hoekstra

    I definitely need to create a bucket list. Thanks for the inspiration. Needed something positive today.

  7. Teri ferguson

    That is such an awesome idea. It is going straight to my “to do” list. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  8. Deborah

    Well I have done 3 but I don’t think I can do them all. Do you really want to cross the bridge of no return?

    • Chaz Curry


      It’s one of the most divided areas of land in the world. There’s definitely a fear of what’s lying beyond that bridge and what’s hidden in that country that has my stomach in knots.

      I found that when making this list that a lot of these are fear of concurring my fears and activities that would push me + my body to their limits.

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