My First Trip to Kyoto, Japan – Adam Chang

We want to share a guest post by Adam Chang. Adam shares his photos and experience as he and his wife traveled to Kyoto, Japan for the first time.
Earlier this year my wife and I were lucky enough to take a month long trip to Asia. We visited Taiwan, Korea, and my favorite country to date Japan. Honestly, going in to the trip I was most excited about Tokyo as I’ve always wanted to visit the city and am intrigued by the culture. While Tokyo was unbelievable and lived up to all of the hype, I unexpectedly found my new favorite city Kyoto.
From the moment I stepped off the Shinkansen I was totally lost in the beauty of the city. From the bustling streets over flowing with cars and people to the historic architecture, I was blown away by how ancient and modern the city felt all at the same time. My wife and I and visited many exciting locations within the city such as Gion and Ponto-chō, districts famous for Geisha sightings as well as ShinKyogoku and the Nishiki Fish Market. For 4 days we wondered the streets of Kyoto and I was able to experience and capture some of the best moments I’ve had while traveling.
Some of my favorite photos from the trip were ones of everyday life. I enjoy taking candid shots of people in the midst of their daily routine, as they can later become some of the most interesting pictures to look at. As a rule of thumb I try to be nonintrusive; I think it’s better to give your subject some distance so that you don’t disrupt what they are doing. Also, I try to be respectful as possible to those I’m photographing. If I can tell someone is uncomfortable with me shooting them or they ask me to stop, I always take the hint and move along.
Whenever I travel abroad I try to give myself ample time to “get lost” in the city. I usually dedicate at least a day or two to exploring the city – meaning no tourist attractions, dinner reservations, or any other commitments – only me and my camera. I like exploring this way because you never know what secret side streets you may happen upon or amazing food you might try. It really makes you feel more apart of the city.
My first trip to Japan has definitely left me with an itch to go back as soon as possible. I have heard really great things about Osaka and hope to visit in the near future. Until then I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from my travels in Kyoto.

You can check out Adam’s Kyoto high resolution photos here.
You can check out Adam’s other photos he’s taken around the world here.

Rome – Adam Chang

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Jay Long

Very interesting write-up with amazing images. Japan does seem an amazing place to live or visit; these pictures reinforce that thought.


Thanks for you comment Jay, I appreciate it.

Laura @ Ld Nature Photography

Beautiful pictures documenting what looks to be a fabulous city and one that is on my photography bucket list.


Thanks Laura. I definitely recommend a visit at some point if possible.


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