New Zealand Landscape Photography by Declan O’Neill

Declan O’Neill first started experimenting with his father’s Voigtlander camera when he was 15 and started a life-long love affair with photography. Thirty years later, he gave up his day job as a corporate trainer in the United Kingdom and moved to New Zealand where he become a full-time photographer. Since then he has travelled extensively in the South Island of New Zealand trying to capture the extraordinary drama of the landscape. See more of Declan’s photography on his website.




Golden Bay Tidal Stream


kenepuru sound

lake benmore

Lake Lndon

Lake Pukaki

Lake Taniwho

Lone Boat

Marlborough Sounds


morning mist

pancake rocks


raikia river


snow lake


Taranaki Sheep

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  1. Jonn

    I think It’s easier to make brilliant scenery photos in New Zealand than in other places. :)

  2. New Zealand Landscape Photos

    Your photo’s are incredible! Inspirational!

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