Night Photography by Scott Martin and Lance Keimig

Photographers Scott Martin and Lance Keimig have been teaching night photography workshops for around 3 years. This film documents a Full Moon Night Photography Workshop in the Big Bend region of West Texas that they recently did.

To learn more, visit Onsight and The Nightskye.

Video by Walley Films.

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  1. Vincent Knaus

    Thanks for posting this. I really liked watching the way they created the images.

  2. Ben Wilshaw

    I recently heard about light painting and was not too impressed by it, however watching this short video clip has helped me to greatly understand the applications, the kind of results which can be achieved and a new found inspiration to try this method of photography. Kudos is given for this article :)

  3. Lance Keimig

    Thanks for posting the video Nate, glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been teaching Night Photography classes and workshops since 1997, and Scott and i have been teaching together since 2008.

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