One Lighthouse, 365 Clicks – A Photo Journal by Alves Filho

Alves Filho is a Brazilian photographer who spent a year photographing the Barra Lighthouse in Salvador, one picture each day. It’s the oldest lighthouse in the Americas and is part of a Portuguese fort (Forte de Santo Antônio da Barra), built in 1534 to defend Salvador from Dutch and indigenous attacks. It’s now a center of tourism and a prime place to view sunsets across the beautiful bay, Todos os Santos. Alves Filho’s 365 photos of this lighthouse are varied and creative, from straightforward shots of the lighthouse to more obscure, busy shots reminiscent of Where’s Waldo, only with a lighthouse instead of a skinny, smiling man.

To see more of Alves Filho’s photography, visit his website, facebook page or flickr account.

1 lighthouse click 365 o ultimo por do sol

Click 365 – o último por do sol

barra lighthouse salvador

Click 363 – ancorado

Barra Lighthouse

Click 362 – andando na linha

Barra Lighthouse

Click 360 – na crista da onda

Barra Lighthouse

Click 337 – deixa a canga voar

Barra Lighthouse

Click 334 – gigante

Barra Lighthouse

Click 322 – splash!

Barra Lighthouse

Click 307 – message in a bottle

Barra Lighthouse

Click 295 – luke, I am your father

lighthouse click 286 baia de todas as ondas

Click 286 – baía de todas as ondas

Barra Lighthouse

Click 271 – de olho

Barra Lighthouse

Click 268 – amarelou

Barra Lighthouse

Click 251 – cristalina

14 lighthouse click 228 lapis & papel

Click 228 – lápis & papel

Barra Lighthouse

Click 141 – here comes the sun

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Amanda Mlikan

Wow! Not only do I wish my photos came out this great, I wish I came up with an idea like this! When I first saw this post, I assumed the photos were going to be taken from the same position every time. This idea of not always having just the light house in the frame.
Thanks for sharing! This inspires me to think outside the box when I experiment with my photography.

José Emilio Magro

Belíssimo trabalho. Parabéns.

Kathrina Koa

I love the way you capture things – inspiring and breathe taking!

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