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votoart_logoVotoArt is a online photo contest site which was launched in March, 2014. It was created by a group of photographers who wanted to provide a fun way for photographers to promote their work, enjoy some competition and make a few dollars. In the last year they have had participation from over 155 countries, 43k users, 940k page views, all by word of mouth. If you want to join this growing community, there are weekly contests in 12 categories. There are also WonUp contest where you can go one on one with another photo, you can play for free or Play for cash.


Balloons by The Pond by © Becky McGuire

Gain Photo Exposure and Insight

With the new advances in camera phone technology many people are discovering
their love for photography and their ability to take some pretty nice photos. Did you
know that out of all the pictures taken through out history it is estimated that 10%
of them were taken last year alone? So what do you do with all of your incredible

There are many ways to share your photography online with family and friends, you can
try to sell it in massive online stock photography archives, and even compete in
subjective contests. Most social sharing only garners attention from friends and family.
Are they telling you that your photography is good enough to sell, but you just don’t
know how to take that next step? may be able to help you transition from
“photography for fun” to “photography for fun and profit”.

Somewhere Over The Halo

Somewhere Over The Halo by © PjphotoHorizon

Stock photography websites can feel like adding your photo is just another drop in the
ocean. With millions of stock photos to choose from, how will anyone find yours? Even
if someone finds your photo, were the pennies you receive in royalties even worth the
effort? Many new VotoArt users are winning substantial cash prizes on their very first
day by competing in WonUp cash contests. was developed by photographers, for photographers. It is focused on its
members’ photography and does its best to make sure good photos gets seen by
multitudes of people. Competing for cash prizes offers additional excitement and a
chance to monetize good shots.

Social media is an important aspect in gaining exposure for photographers, so all the
photos on VotoArt are easy for visitors to share with their network of friends, increasing
the likelihood your photo reaches a new audience (not just grandma’s bridge club).
VotoArt members can optionally have their awards, comments and contest submissions
posted on their social network. VotoArt also automatically publishes award-winners,
exceptional contest qualifiers and photo-of-the-day winners on VotoArt’s social media


Waiting by © CCopcea

VotoArt also focuses on a photographer’s need for a refined voting system that will
provide feedback on where they can improve. VotoArt offers a three criterion voting
system, which includes: general impression, color & lighting, and composition & focus.
General impression is the traditional “I like this better” aspect, but since it’s only 1/3 of the vote, your fundamentally sound photographs are less likely to get bulldozed by voters who simply like dogs better than insects. Using these three criterion, a photographer can discover that voters like some subjects better than others, but still win the overall voting on their technical merit. All users can see the last 6 square offs their photo had in the voting system, allowing all users to see the areas in which they can improve. If you are a more serious photographer you may opt to upgrade to the gold or silver pro memberships, where you can see your full voting history as well as a statistical analysis of a photos performance in each of the three voting areas.

Orange Rose

Orange Rose by © Carine Smit

So what if you just want to have some fun and not get too serious about the photos you
take? VotoArt offers two levels of competition:

  • Free contests (Level 1) which are just for fun and winners receive digital awards
  • Cash prize contests (Level 2) for photographers who take their photography a little more seriously. Winners receive cash prizes as well as digital awards.

One question you always need to ask when putting your photos on a site is who gets the
rights? On VotoArt the answer simply is YOU. The goal is to help photographers be
successful so the only rights VotoArt needs is the right to publish your photos on their
website and on their social networking channels while giving the photographer full credit
for their work. They even allow a photographer the ability to link to their own website,
blog, online gallery, etc from within their VotoArt portfolio. This means if they are selling
prints on another site such as Fine Art America they can direct traffic from their VotoArt
portfolio to their point of sell.

There are two ways to win cash on VotoArt. The first is the 12 weekly contests and the
second is a unique contest called a WonUp. In the WonUp contest two photos go head-to-head in five square offs. Whichever photo gets 80 out of a possible 150 points from voting members wins $5 and waits for the next challenger. A photo can win up to $600 one match at a time. When a photo loses a WonUp challenge it is automatically moved to the weekly contest where it has the opportunity to compete for additional cash prizes.

Perfect Burger & Fries

Perfect Burger & Fries by © Sue Baxter Fitz

If you love taking pictures and want a fun place to share your photography, or if you just
enjoy seeing and voting on other peoples work, VotoArt is an ideal place to do just that.
Who knows? Maybe you can win a little cash and buy that new lens you have been
dreaming about.

You can check out more amazing photos on and their social media pages:
VotoArt’s Facebook
VotoArt’s Twitter

Here’s more photos from VotoArt.


Landscape – © Arie Azdhana



Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle © nialat

Dusk over the Lake

© Ipoenk Graphic Full


Peek-a-Boo by © Jennie Wren Masser

Dusk Over the Lake

Dusk Over the Lake by © Charles Anderson Jr


© Erfan Afiat Sentosa


Torpedo by © Ernest Porter

Drop Red

Drop Red by © Muhammad Berkati

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Jay Long

Awesome, amazing images.

diane walker

This is perfect. Going to take part in this competition!

fotografo malaga

increíble selección de fotografías, congratulations


Awesome photographs! Just started my photography classes.. hope to capture something cool like this.


I’ve recently joined this site after reading this article! Really good I’ve won a few comps already 🙂


I would love to join and participate. Do let he know how.

Cheers !!

Elena Bakeeva

Fantastic works ! Big congrats to all artist and thanks for inspiration 🙂 <3

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