Our First Photography Giveaway (Winner Announced)

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Giveaway is over. Stay tuned for more soon!

We hope people have enjoyed the inspirational photography as much as we have over the last few months. We want to say thanks to all those who visit Photography Blogger on a regular basis by giving away some free stuff. One lucky photographer will receive two great prizes.

The first prize in our giveaway comes from Think Tank Photo, a professional photography equipment manufacturer who specializes in camera cases, bags, backpacks and beltpacks for photographers who use digital SLR cameras.

The Urban Disguise 40

See the description here.
Urban Disguise 40

“This will hold more gear than you ever imagined, such as a wide angle lens with a hood attached, a 24-70 2.8 with the hood, a 70 -200 2.8 with the hood reversed, AND two pro-size SLR’s in the expandable front pockets (without the lenses attached). A regular size SLR with a lens attached can also be put straight down inside of the bag. Strobes fit into the side stretch pockets, as well.”

This is a very high quality bag that looks really stylish.  It also comes in many other different sizes depending on your photography equipment needs. Even if you don’t own a SLR, the great thing about the Urban Disguise is that it doesn’t look like a camera bag so you can use it for your own business or personal use carrying whatever you’d like in it.

The Urban Disguise 40 camera bag from Think Tank Photo retails for $149.

Since we’re giving away a very nice camera bag, it only makes sense to include something to help the winner fill all that newly acquired space up. That’s why we are also giving $150 US to put towards whatever photography gear you might need to help improve your own equipment stash. We’ll send the money to the winner through Paypal or we’ll include a gift card with the Think Tank Photo camera bag, whichever is preferred.

The value of this prize package is $299, you can’t complain about that. :)

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  1. Isabelle Ribeiro

    My favorite type of photography is dolls and toys photography :)

  2. Aminah Syed

    I used to focus on people portraits but ever since we got our puppy I’m totally into pet photography.

  3. Michael Jensen

    My favorite photography is portraiture

  4. Max Lander

    my favourite is edgy, occasionally hdr’ed portraiture.

  5. Jiri Janak

    My favourite is sports and action photography

  6. Jonah Kessel

    My favorite type of photography is “Good Photography.” Regardless of the genre: commercial, editorial, sports, conceptual, news, fashion, travel, macro, architectural, etc. Strong images shape the way society views life. These are my favorite kind of images.

  7. Pradee

    My favorite photography is genre is nature and abstract

  8. noroom

    I just love macro/closeup photography. Flowers, water drops, minuscule details in everyday things. That has to be my favorite type of photography. :)

  9. Donna Luker

    Macro/closeup. Mostly nature, but anything where there’s nice light on texture & detail.

  10. Abhishek

    Well, I like macro photography. I also like abstract and nature photography.

  11. Brandi Bailey

    I would have to say my favorite type of photography is portraiture done in a unique style and setting rather than just sitting in a studio in front of a backdrop. Although, I do partake in the studio stuff and enjoy it as well, but my passion is outdoor portraiture and lifestyle type photography.

  12. Sarah H

    My 2 favorites are macro/close up and HDR landscapes.

  13. Cheryl Brown

    My favorite type of photography is to shoot anything that moves or stands still :)

  14. kinpurk

    My favs are night and urban photos

  15. Ravindrakumar

    My favourite photography is architecture and skyscapes. :D

  16. Rahul Rane

    My favourite type of photography is Landscape Photography. I love to take pictures of clouds in the sky,mountains,sunsets,rivers…..i just love to capture nature with my camera.

  17. Anna S

    My favorite photography is Black & White/Sepia. I believe it just holds so much more, emotion in it. :)

  18. Kelli Kuhl

    My fav is anything that I am shooting at that moment.

  19. Fenny

    I’m passionate about food photography as I love to eat, cook and bake :D

  20. Mandy

    My favorite type of photography is done outdoors on location. I love natural lighting.

  21. dave peddie

    have a particular leaning towards macro and HDR photography, but capturing anything that looks good, is quirky, beautiful or whatever will do nicely.

  22. Becky

    My Favorite kinds right now are high speed and night time.

  23. Amelia

    I love macro/outdoor/people photography

  24. sharon perrin

    I love macro and surf culture photography

  25. Jamie

    My favorite type of photography is candid, with a touch of Photoshop. The lack of rigid posing makes the photograph look more natural and real and, in the end, that’s what it’s all about :)

  26. kortni

    I have always been most inspired by the photography of duane michaels. He photographed what caused emotion as opposed to photographing emotion. He always made his photos mysterious by some tweak of composition or slowing of the shutter speed and manipulation of the image veiwable to the human eye. His innovention and creativity is partially what amazes me about him and is clearly visible in each of his well thought out photographs.

    As for type of photography, I most like photpgraphing high fasion photography. The angles and absurdaties of the image always allows for an interesting product.

  27. Clarissa Knotts

    I honestly have to say that I am a fan of all types of photography. I try to be very open to all types of photography and shoot various ways. I don’t want to limit myself to one style. But if I had to choose one specific style I would say black and white action of children playing.

  28. Suzanne Patrick

    I just LOVE black & White photography! I just wish I was much better at it.

  29. Jamie

    My favorite type of Photography is close up Macro shots..especially of children and flowers

  30. Sung Hoon Kim

    My favorite photography is human life, ranging from simple city life to complex countryside life style.

  31. Zoë

    I love any kind of photography that makes you look at something differently. I’ve been recently interested in “tilt-shift miniature faking” in pictures and I’m definitely going to learn more about it.

  32. Jithamanyu

    I like nature photography and monochromatic photography.

  33. Nicole

    I love black and white photography, urban photography, portraiture, and anything “unusual” or anything that is coming from an unexpected perspective. I love a photo that keeps me staring.

  34. Cassie Barton

    Black and white photography is my absolute favorite. There is a definite tone and feeling to each photo. It can even set the mood for anyone viewing…..

  35. Jacquie

    I’m a newbie to photography so I love to take pictures of anything, anyone, anyplace I see. Right now I am hooked on dragonflies.

  36. Joe Doudna

    I love abstract photography.

  37. Roderick Makil

    I go for landscape… :)

  38. Tricia

    I really liked the crayon photography. It was cool how the photographer had the colors stand out from everything else.

  39. Foxfire

    My first love is Wildlife and Natural History photography. I try to find the inner beauty and true nature of the subject I photograph.
    It is by no means an easy task, but I discovered by observing and studying the animal how similar they are to us humans in terms of behaviour values and yes compassion too. Maybe one day the learned community if scientists will realise this too.

    I am so grateful if an animal allows me that glimpse into their world and capture it with my camera. I wish had longer lenses, but the price of these things are out of my reach for now, but I keep hoping.
    I shoot with Nikon D200 and D80 plus 70:300mm and also 14:24mm for landscapes and other things. Also have a Tamron macro 80mm

  40. robert sy

    i always liked to shoot people and places, i love to show their emotions even when not at the best behavior, for me it’s the most difficult…without using any editing software! ☺

  41. Kitkat

    I like Street Photography, where I can capture different emotions of different people from all walks of life…

  42. Hoopensnooper

    Sports photography is my game!

  43. DP

    I like people portraits, but am thinking landscapes more and more.

  44. Lori

    I love taking pictures of the grand kids doing their favorite things or discovering new things :)

  45. Meryl

    My favorite type of photography is inspirational photography. Any shot that makes me think “wow–I’d love to take a photo like that” becomes my new favorite type of photography. I’ve seen some shots like that here. Thanks, Photography Blogger!

  46. holly k

    I love macro – especially flowers with bugs on them! :)

  47. priya

    My favorite type of photography is that tells a story and has a meaning behind every capture, that has mood and feelings.

  48. Itoro Udoko

    My favorite type of photography is definitely macro. I love it. But I find people very interesting and would love to improve my portraits.

  49. Brittany

    My favorite type of photography is definitely nature/landscapes as well as architecture.

  50. Dave Etnyre

    I like people photography, out and about, family gatherings, sports activities. I have done lots of other kinds, but that’s my favorite!

  51. Raphael Ludescher

    I love Nature and Portrait photography

  52. Amr ElSokkary

    My fav. type, is Slow Shutter Photography… the Drawing with light :)

  53. Debbi Segina

    I love capturing the essence of people in my pictures…as well as nature. Those two elements drive my passion to find that elusive ‘perfect shot’…

  54. Bobbie Sutton

    I enjoy Nature and Sporting photography

  55. shawntel

    my favorite photographery is one that speaks to you and tells you a story while showing you at the same time

  56. Josh Wallace

    i like low light portraits. They are very challenging, but rewarding when done right

  57. bill

    high resolution sports – hockey and football

  58. Leslie

    I love taking pictures of children laughing and/or playing. No matter whats going on you look at these pictures and feel better

  59. Dave Sullivan

    Skateboarding. Maybe it’s just because skateboarding was one of my biggest teachers, but the fact that skateboarders use their environments for such an unintended purpose makes for such great pictures.

  60. John Michael Luker

    Nekkid, LOL!

    Seriously though, B&W landscapes.

  61. Minjoo

    My favorite type of photography is pictures of the interior and exterior of dilapidated buildings.

  62. mathew lee

    i like takeing pic of the lovly ocean water and the shores around

  63. Dave Simpson

    Wildlife, Landscape, Natural history, Travel and Portraiture

  64. Kristen

    My favorite is spontaneous photography – those moments you capture when totally unexpected!

  65. Josh

    I love pictures of something that comes out of nowhere. Where you look on your camera and you see a picture that you took. And you wonder where it came from. So I guess I love pictures that surprise you, and the moments that you capture.

  66. Timothy

    Long exposure, portraiture, insects, flowers, my children’s sports

  67. Loren Dueck

    I thoroughly nature and city photography.

  68. Paula Reed

    I love ACTION photography. . .especially dance. :-)

  69. Dana Riley

    I would have to say my favorite type of photography is candid people and nature photography! I love Exploring Gods beautiful creation.

  70. Jefferson Clark

    As a student, I don’t get to take a lot of photographs, but love taking pictures. My favorite subjects to photograph is animals and flowers.

  71. Benjamin Webb

    i love nothing more then a stunningly perfect nature, sunrise/sunset shots that make u wish you where there

  72. Claire Brewis

    My favourite type of photography is fashion. I especially enjoy taking fashion photo’s where the models are in bright in your face clothes, the likes of Vivienne Westwood really apeals to me when taking the images :D

  73. Jo

    I like nature photography in macro shots, a great closeup shot of anything, a flower, a moth, the bark on a tree, reveals all sorts of intricate patterns and colors we pass by without noticing.

  74. Dana Beavers

    I love Portraits and Buildings

  75. Carolynn Terris

    WoW Photography has changed over the years.
    Photos from around the world travel so fast to those who Love to view them.From The Oceans,Skies,Land,People and Places Photography connects us all.
    I Love Photography

  76. David Kayes

    My favorites are waterfalls and motorcycles!

  77. Vikks

    I love to be inspired by things very different from what i shoot myself…
    I love interesting content, be it dramatic or documentary, images that make me look twice, that are more than just pretty lanscapes.
    Personally I shoot street photography, abstract nature and dramatic self portraits. I have a melancholic tone in what I do, and have been told many times I shoot what most people overlook, and that I make mundane things into art.

  78. Jan

    The type of photography I have a passion for is any photograph that has that WoW factor. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, it’s the passion behind the camera that creates the story and provokes the intake of breath when the viewer first lays eyes on your work. That is what I shoot for.

  79. Jennifer

    I particularly love nature shots. But I really enjoy any sort of scapes and animal photos.

  80. Kelly

    I like taking pictures of my friends and family (got to document your life), but I also appreciate a good photo of something unusual, like the mini-world competition pictures, or a familiar town at night. Something ethereal about the glowing street lamps lighting your way!

  81. Linda T Santoro

    I love travel photography. That and nature photography, especially animals.


  82. Tommy Brooks

    Landscape photography

  83. Harry H Marsh

    I enjoy capturing God’s creation on CMOS sensors, especially when I print out big panoramas!

  84. Kathleen Potter

    I love nature photography and photos of kids.

  85. Terri B

    I love to shoot seascapes, waves, sand, seabirds, shells, seaweed, sunrises, sunsets, and whatever else I find there.

  86. Christina Wilson

    Photography is my favorite art medium in that it allows such flexibility and can become a point of meditation. Although I enjoy almost any kind of photography (from avant garde to portraiture to abstract to landscape) I personally love photo journalistic life photography. I love capturing the moment as it really was, as it really happens before you. To me, this organic capture of time is the difference between a picture and a photograph: realism.

  87. Judy Ulrick

    My favourite type of photography is candid portraiture with the subjects involved in doing the everyday things which define or tell the viewer something about the life of the person in the portrait. eg children at play, people at work or in leisure activities.

  88. Alaina

    I love capturing moments that I will cherish forever. Especially ones of my kids and family. Pictures are something that will last a lifetime.

  89. Tricia Z

    My favorite type of photography is nature photography or anything taken with high resolution and vivid colors. Thank you so much for this awesome, generous giveaway!

  90. Bonnie Vermeulen

    I like nature photography and photos of everyday children…combine the two and it’s love!

  91. Dawn

    My favorite is action and sports photography.

  92. LMoore

    My favorite type/style of photography is black & white. Usually architecture or landscape.

  93. Angie D

    I love photography that is meaningful and tells a story. Some of my favorite photographs are the candids, the actions shots, the moments that show true humanity.

  94. james

    My most favorite photos would be those that I take of My Grandbabies. That way I can freeze smiles and chuckles in time.

  95. Craig H

    My favorite type on photography is nature and clouds. You can’t believe the different type of clouds you can see at any given times during the day and the images they create. Nature just turns it on for you every time you take your lens cap off. Happy shooting everyone.

  96. Lonesome_Crow

    My favorite type of photography is Nature, primarily waterfall photos.

  97. Ricky

    My favourite subject in photography is people. So I like taking potraitures

  98. Jessica

    My favorite photography is black and white portraiture! =)

  99. Cresaya

    Having grown-up backpacking, my favorite type of photography is nature–it’s beauty inspires me.

  100. Darlene

    I love taking photos of flowers, trees, and some abstract photography.

  101. Heather Bauer

    I really love doing portrates for couples (such as engagment pictures, etc). I also have a love for flower/landscape photography as well! :)

  102. Jim Schowalter

    My favorite is pet photography. I work with the Humane Society and photo journal many of their events.

  103. P.J.

    I love sports photography. Also Weddings, Babies, and My KIDS!! :)

  104. Marianne Giesemann

    My favourite type of photography is the one that’s unplanned. The one that takes a moment, a few seconds, to catch something random and perhaps ordinary at first sight, but meaninful or beautiful when captured.

  105. Libby Furr

    Nature is my favorite type of photography. Especially close ups.

  106. Summer Savik

    My favorite type of photography is reflection and fish eye.

  107. Alli Stancil

    My favorites are random, every-day photography and band photography. Random because who doesn’t love looking at pictures that aren’t planned, and band because it’s my passion. :D

  108. Melissa Wheeler

    I love black and white photography and am relatively new at shooting B/W photos. I’m drawn to the work of Ansel Adams, especially the photos he did of the National Parks. I am so glad I found this site. It has been a source of inspiration for me. Thanks!

  109. Audrey L.

    My favorite kind of photography is macros and close up for sure. I have taken many macros over the last few years of being interested in photography, each and everyone different from each other.

  110. CASM Medina

    My favorite type of photography is portraiture. Mainly of my kids!

  111. Elle

    absolute favourite are candid shots of life, whether people, atmosphere, or nature. it’s always real, unpretentious and so telling about the subject when it’s not staged

  112. Debi

    My favorite type of photography is existing light portraiture. It is so challanging and can produce some of the most amazing protraits!!! Very rewarding!!!

  113. Debi

    Beach portraits are also a personal favorite!

  114. Marc

    My favorite type of photography is landscape. I just love the variety that mother nature has to offer us and the talented folks that share amazing views that we would probably never see otherwise.

  115. Stephanie Weldom

    Nature Photography

  116. Lindsay

    My favorite type of photography is alternative portraiture.

  117. Jennifer

    My absolute favorite type of photography is portraiture.
    I also like taking pictures of my friends and family and “digitally enhancing” their photographs to make them Pop! :D I like working with the digital arts and creating very colorful, bright, airy, dreamy beautiful works of art out of an original photograph. :) One of these days I’ll be labeled a “professional”. :)
    My favorite setting is outside in the open air, about 1-2 hours before sunset. The sun is low in the sky, casting an orange-yellow hew on the Earth and everything on it. Makes for the perfect lighting. <3

  118. Megan

    My favorite type of photography is tilt-shift :]

  119. Vic

    Night time photography and B&W portraits.

  120. Brandy Worthy

    I love any kind of photography but love taking natarul pictures of children and nature and exploring . taking a ride and haveing the camera is me. I also love being able to capture the moment of someones wedding too all thoses memories are special. I love B & W pictures too.

  121. Enrique Ramirez

    My favorite type of photography would be Landscape and Nature photos. I dunno, it just kinda gets to me, and I kind of imagine that the specific shot has some kinda personal value, or message to the photographer that only they know… Also, Black and Whites.

  122. Blake Duncan

    Photography is the ultimate time machine. It allows you to travel back in time to re-visit special places, times and people. My favorite photography would have to be nature. Whether its animals, exotic plants, mountain settings, weather effects, water or backyard “critters” it never ceases to amaze me the beauty and elegance of God’s presence and grace. The variety of colors, shapes and sizes gives a person the full spectrum of appreciation for what God created.

  123. adam bass

    My favorite type of photographer is sports photographer that is what I am in school for now and I love it I really love skateboarding photography to specify which sports

  124. Sandra Lehr

    I love to photography babies and pets. I’m working on a degree in digital photography also.

  125. Julie Yi

    I love to photograph nature or anything that isn’t staged in it’s natural setting especially babies/kids.

  126. Konfral

    My favorite type of photography is wildlife.

  127. Paul

    I love street photo !!! But I also love all other types of photography. So sould I say that I just love photography ? Yes.

  128. Madeleine

    I love bokeh/marco (closeup) photos, especially if it is flowers or some kind of detail in nature!

  129. Nadine

    I prefer closeup shots and nature photography.

  130. Hafiz

    I new to DSLR photography. So far I’ve tried sports, people and portrait, nature, etc. Basically everything that I can using my Canon 18-200mm f3.5 and Canon 50mm f1.8 II. So far my favorite is snapshots of friends and family faces at the very special moment like their wedding day and their children birthday.
    But honestly, I still think that there are lot more thing I need to explore and learn. Who knows what I might found in the future. Maybe my favorite photography will change then.

  131. Valerie Kovac

    love taking pics of flowers especially macro and shallow depth of field

  132. Angel

    My passion is wedding photography. Always looking for new things to try and finding new ways to raise the bar

  133. Tim

    My favorite type of photography is nature, in particular, I like waterfalls.

  134. Bob Nix

    I like nature photography, especially eagles and other raptors.

  135. Jen

    I love nature photography.

  136. [email protected]

    The biggest and favourite thing I love about Photography are everyday items/things around the house, in a street or in a shop window. It inspire me to dream through a Camera and see things in a Alice Wonderland view and catch the moment for eternity.

  137. jessica c

    My favorite photography is nature. I love trees
    I loved reading everyones favorites

  138. Elysia Mettenbrink

    I love love LOVE taking candid portraits. My favorite subjects tend to be children, then families interacting with each other. Absolutely amazing things can happen!

  139. Rhonda Holcomb

    I love taking pictures of birds, baseball players and bumble bees.

  140. C J

    My favorite kind of photography is Action sports that my kids or myself are participating in.

  141. Erik

    My fav style is night shooting :-)

  142. Konrad

    I started my photography experience with taking pictures of landscapes and nature (especially flowers) in the late 90s. However, I decided recently to find something more challenging and because I love meeting new people (especially from different cultures) I try to focus my photography on people. Indeed, it is a challenging task, mainly because I don’t want to take just pictures of people, but I want to capture their personality and enclose them within portraits. It takes great deal and effort but I think it’s worth the challenge, particularly when I see the results of my work. At the same time, I realize I still have much to learn but I also love the learning process. Therefore, it’s not only about taking portrait pictures, not only about capturing someone’s personality but what is also important for me is my learning process, practice in photography and the whole experience when photographing and meeting new people.

  143. Ethan Keeshan

    I love landscape and architecture photography. Combining the two and you have a sure fire winner, clean lines and nature. Hard to beat.

  144. bridget Ordway

    my favorite photography is people and scenery

  145. Émilie

    My favourite is urban photography. You can capture so much details of a great, grand, big city. Lines, curves, people, it’s just great.

  146. Marc Feldesman

    I love macro and close-up photography. There is a world of vision often unavailable to the naked eye, but with a high quality macro lens, you get to see details we tend to ignore every day. Give me a macro lens and I’m a very happy photographer.

  147. Daphne

    I enjoy abstract photography. You get a glimpse into how the artist sees the rest of the world becasue to me it seems like a very personal kind of style. My personal style of photography is close-up nature.

  148. Jon McDermott

    I enjoy landscape photography, particular water, trees, contrasts.

  149. Tori Martinez

    I love all types of photography. Everything has a reason why it was created and to get to the photographers point of view is the goal. First see it thru your eyes and the thru theirs.

  150. Sara Bru

    I love abstract and experimental photography, seeing something in a different way that it is normally viewed.

  151. Kellyn

    My life’s goal is to do Portraiture of people in the west, but i constantly take photographs of any and everything!

  152. caroline marie

    My favourite type of photography is definitely portraiture, but more so candid portraiture. I like to capture great moments between subjects that are completely unaware that i’m shooting them. I also enjoy lomography as well, and i try to include that into my portraiture, though im not very successful :P hehe.

    <3 carolinemariephotography.

  153. Johnathan

    I’ve got two loves when it comes to photography. Scenic shots, and Motorsports. There is nothing like catching a moment in nature that will never again be captured on film. Likewise, there is nothing cooler (to me) than capturing a shot of a Racecar, or Motorcycle doing 100+ MPH and having the target crystal clear, while the background and wheels show every possible aspect of its speed.

    It is moving. :)

  154. Nicole

    Night photography is my favorite, followed closely by underwater

  155. Katie Freeland

    I really love photojournalistic photography–especially photos that are in the midst of a breaking-news type of event. I think it would be so exciting to do photography like that (it’s my dream job!). A lot of photographers are so brave to be in the midst of war and danger, and I love seeing their results.

  156. Rebecca Gale

    I enjoy artistic portraiture, and macabre manipulations.

  157. Sarah Moore

    Extreme sports and fashion!

  158. Faylin Myhre

    My favorite type of photography is landscape whether I am shooting it or enjoying other peoples work

  159. sprySerif.creative

    Portrait photography. It can be quite a challenge to capture just the right expression to fit the occasion. Also, we enjoy photographing bands lately.

  160. Dee

    My fav photography is flowers or anything outdoors!

  161. Apjcorey

    My favorite type of Photography is female glamour. No porn glamour by far, but the awesome black and white nudes, beautifully done color stills, things like that. I feel our society has completely destroyed the beauty of the female body that God created. I love to capture the beauty of the female figure. Tastefully!

  162. Rachel

    I would have say that my favorite would be nature, followed by people. I love to caputure anything outdoors that is interesting and with people i like the unposed version….

  163. Cami Pettibone

    My favorite type of photography is nature. I also like pictures of random or unusual things, including candid shots of people.

  164. Dylan Vogel

    by far my favorite kind of photography is digital photography, mainly art because it lets you see immediatley the image you’ve created, and some action photos too!

    but then again nothing can beat the romance of film photography(and frusturation love/hate) with my Holga!(lomography)

  165. Katie Hrenchir

    I like photos of people doing interesting things, things that you don’t see people doing everyday. Also, action shots are nice.

  166. Nathan Pigram

    My favourite type of photography would be creative portraiture.

  167. Justin Grove

    Hey, My favorite type of photography would have to be nature/landscape. I also take pictures of people, but I love landscapes!

  168. Oliver Yu

    I started interest in photography when I thought it would really help my progression in photoshop. I bought my first SLR camera on Feb. 09, 2008 the Nikon D60 SLR Camera! I have been taking pictures since and from the first day, have been creating awesome looking pictures!

    Majority of the pictures I take are done RAW and taken through a photoshop tool that helps adjust color, brightness, exposure, etc. to help with my lack of photography knowledge. In the end, my good computer skills + decent Photography and composition understanding, I can create awesome pictures!

    Now with a little more experience, I am able to control light a bit better and have the proper gear to make it so I can be an artist with light!

    I am currently a freelance photographer for the Orange County Register and have been enjoying journalistic photography. I have decided to take this path to better understand photography because of the broad spectrum of subjects one can have an opportunity to cover. Journalistic photography demands for strong compositions in all fields of photography. Because the demands are so high for whatever assignment may be, it really hones a photographers skill to make an interesting photo from something that is typically normal and ordinary.

  169. Bruce Eyster

    I’ve always liked portraiture and figurative but I’m most interested in the edginess , composition , good color or good black and white and mood of a photograph , the subject being secondary .

  170. Michael M

    My favorite photography is whatever my mind decides to picture at that moment. The subject doesn’t matter as much as the visual that it provides…

  171. Renee Domenici

    I carry my camera with me frequently and am apt to photograph whatever might inspire me at that moment. I find myself drawn to nature; animals, flowers (especially macro & portrait), clouds, I love to photograph birds (hummingbirds are a favorite), the ocean, lakes & rivers. Yosemite is a favorite place to photograph. I enjoy candid & action shots of people. I also look for interesting architecture & random patterns in everyday things and nature. To put it simply, I love to play with my camera!!!

  172. Christopher Shaver

    I love photojournalism and anything that deals with light painting. [Keeping the shutter open in a dark area and playing with lights]

  173. Ashley R.

    At the moment I am working on a year long photography adventure with taking a picture a day. Since I always have my camera with me, everything inspires me. I am also trying to develop my skills in portrait photography, so I would have to say that is my favorite right now.

  174. Jandee

    Although I love both landscape and portrait photography, my favorite type right now is senior portrait photography. Working with young people is so fun and they are open to creative ideas and willing try new things. It’s so inspiring and refreshing!

  175. Steve McGrann

    I’d say wildlife in b&w and color, from tiny spiders to grizzly’s. They’re always natural.

  176. Seva

    I started with landscapes, trying to convey the atmosphere and mood of the scenery I witness. Recently I got captivated with outdoor portraiture, wishing to get more into outdoor glamour.

  177. Christina Lee

    Food Photography :-) yum!

  178. Abigail S.

    i love to take all kinds of photography, but mostly landscapes, people use photoshop to edit pictures so they look cool
    but i love how just takeing a good photo looks even better and its natural.

  179. Alan Comerford

    I love portrait photography, would love to get into it one day but for now it’s landscapes and wildlife, more freedom to do what you want.

  180. Micaela Quesada

    I like black&white portraits. A lot more emphasis is placed on the expressions and lighting.

  181. CBPhotos

    I really like artsy…edgy photography…photos that aretaken to the extreme…

  182. shannon

    my fave type of photography is my family

  183. Carrie Goldsmith

    I really like taking very candid photos, catching people looking like they don’t care about their appearance.

  184. Lucretia Apperloo

    My fave type of photography is ~AbsTracT~

  185. Linda Moore

    I love taking Nature pictures involving water!!

  186. Robert

    Wildlife (birds)

  187. Heidi

    I love photographing people & nature. I love finding beauty in the rusty old “trash”.

  188. Matt Jordan

    People, abstract.

  189. Beth Peardon

    My fav is Action shots

  190. Tammy

    My favorite kind of photography is landscape and nature.

  191. Rhonda Dyson

    Scenery is my favorite…

  192. Chuck

    Tableau is my favorite type of photography – creating picturesque grouping of persons or objects; a striking scene.

  193. Adriana_G

    At the moment I’m enjoying the photography captured using lensbaby lenses – such a soft, dreamy effect.

  194. Sydney

    I love action shots.

  195. W.D.B.

    My favorite type of photography is anything outdoors.

  196. joe

    Travel photography of course!

  197. Danny

    I like Scenery with the dreamy look

  198. Ellie Bevan

    My favorite thing to take photos of is waterfalls and nature. It is constantly change and always something new that catches my eye.

  199. Matthew Hardesty

    I like telephoto shots and also macro photography.

  200. Steven

    I’m starting to get into good portraits, but am not quite yet an expert at taking them. There’s really a lot to learn about the different types of lighting.

  201. Meg

    My favorite kind of photography is, well I have a bunch. To top the list I love to shoot sunsets and silhouettes. I also love to shoot people, and anything that I can use some creativity in.

  202. Dana Ludeking "DNatureofDTrain"

    I have numerous favorite types of photography.
    I love trains so I love railroad and Train pictures that railfans and historians took of trains. I also enjoy animal pictures, I have tried my hand at taking pictures of Cats and kittens, plants, and Clouds. I work with spirits and signs of nature is a big part of my beliefs. So I love taking photos of clouds, and nature… and sometimes if I am lucky the occasional spirit’s that show up in my pictures.

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