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Athentech Imaging Inc., makers of the award winning “Perfectly Clear” photo correction app have released a new and improved version of their software on September 16th; Perfectly Clear Plug-Ins 2.0. This new updated version features faster re-engineered algorithms, better noise reduction, a split view to see before and after, and the new Beautify feature that lets you adjust 10 features of the face from blemish removal to eye enhancement.


The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. For those of you that use Adobe’s Lightroom, you’ll be in familiar territory. From top to bottom you can navigate through custom sliders, from exposure and color correction to red-eye reduction and eye enhancements, in order to create just the right look for your images.


Before – Beautify



Beautify2 Perfectly Clear

After – Beautify

While cameras these days are incredibly powerful and advanced, they still aren’t as advanced as the human eye. The human eye has a massive dynamic range and constantly adjusts depending on the amount of light coming through, allowing you to “see” an evenly exposed image in your head. While a camera might only have several stops of dynamic range, only has one shutter, which doesn’t constantly adjust and a light metering system that is generally based on metering the average light coming through the lens, thus leaving certain parts of your image either under exposed or over exposed.


Think of shooting on a bright sunny day; depending on where you focus, you might either get a nice blue sky with your subject completely in the shadow with little to no detail or big white mess in the background, but your subject perfectly exposed. Now each model of camera out there varies in how the light is captured and transferred into a digital format, with some being better than others. This conversion leads to distortions in the final image that you see on you computer screen. What tends to happen is you get home and upload your images only to see a huge disconnect between what you saw in your head to what you see on your monitor. Images will show up flat or dark, the color is off, the tint isn’t quite right and there is no overall “wow” factor; they don’t “pop” as the tired saying goes.


Before – Perfectly Clear

landscape PerfectlyClear

After – Perfectly Clear

With Perfectly Clear 2.0 you can take advantage of 20 automatic corrections that will help to bring out the best in every image. Images you once thought were destined for the trash bin are given another chance to shine. You can easily and quickly bring back the details in those shadows or change the color balance of an image. With a few quick clicks you can change the entire look and feel of an image.


And the best part about the whole program, its ability to save you time by eliminating being stuck behind a computer screen doing hours and hours of editing. With the ability to batch edit entire photo shoots you are able to spend more time shooting. With other editing software you can batch edit, which really only works well when you have the same or similar lighting conditions. Change your conditions and the batch edit falls apart leaving you to go back in and do several batch edits, which adds time. With Perfectly Clear’s new plug in, you can set up one custom recipe (or choose from default pre-sets) and with one click, apply that recipe to the entire batch of photos. This saves you time and the frustration of manual editing. New and updated algorithms look at the changing light of each photo by viewing each individual pixel in each image and adjust as necessary, to give you exactly the image you saw when you took the shot.


Before – Perfectly Clear


Perfectly Clear 2.0 is a very powerful tool that is solely dedicated to correcting image distortions your camera and other software programs impart on the image. Perfectly Clear 2.0 is not a filter or enhancing program. It simply looks at the data of the original file and using incredibly powerful algorithms engineered specifically for photography to correct distortions which allows for your images to represent what you saw when you created the original shot.

Check out two minute video of Photoshop and Lightroom Plug-Ins.

Photoshop and Lightroom Plug-Ins will save you time and you’ll be able to create beautiful photos effortlessly. You can sign up to try their 30 day free trial here or purchase them here.

About Athentech

Athentech Imaging Inc. ( is an entrepreneurial, privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company is involved in three industries and markets: digital imaging, signal processing (for medical applications), and earth sciences. Athentech’s Perfectly Clear technology is the world’s most robust automatic image correction, bringing over 12 years of science and more than 10 patents to its professional and consumer offerings.

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Jay Long

Great, insightful information.

marcell grozavesti photographer

has anyone tried “the gimp” to do that?

Philip Howford

These programs are obviously very good. They made the pictures looks so much better and they look stunning after being put through Photoshop.

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