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More than 13,000 votes were cast during Surfer Magazine’s 2011 Photo of the Year contest, and Oahu’s Zak Noyle ( came out on top.

“Zak captured a rare moment at Teahupoo through his fisheye lens, combining barrels, blue water, sunlit mountains and a full freaking rainbow that seems too good to be true. With Christian Redongo as his alibi, voters found Zak to be fully deserving of this honor.”

Zak Noyle’s first person views of Jaws, tweeted live from the water:

Read more of an interview with Zak here.

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  1. Marco

    The first photo is awesome!

  2. Chaz Curry

    @Marco – Yup, that’s the shot that was voted best photo of the year by Surfer Magazine. The other pics below were just behind the scenes shots from Zak’s iPhone. Yup, he shots photos from his iPhone in his LifeProof underwater case. Pretty cool considering that the shots can go up instantly to the web.

  3. Jacob Sjöman

    Extraordinary nice capture on the first image.

  4. elsa

    ho pra mo cfar te te them tjeter un tani se nuk e di por vetem se i dua shume programet e fotove edhe kaq se nuk po di cfar me te te thene tjeter gje..

  5. Arnaldo I. Aquino

    Stunning photo! To-die-for moment captured perfectly! Congratulation!

  6. Josh

    Are you kidding me! What an amazing photo. Does anyone realize how many different dynamics have had to have happen for an image like this? To be able to be in that one spot at the right time to capture a image like is could truly be a once in a lifetime chance. Great vision Zak Noyle congrats.

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