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Photocircle is a a fine art photography platform that’s unique, as the photographers and Photocircle both donate money towards social projects around the world. They have collaborations with a number of not-for-profit organizations and they set up projects together so they have a goal to reach. When the goal is reached Photocircle sends them the project money. Photocircle successfully financed 31 of their projects so far and they are constantly adding new projects and new goals. Their prints are competitively priced with other photography platforms and their prints are of the highest quality. Photocirlce believes that if people knew about them they would instinctively choose to help social projects around the world, at we agree.


Thomas Heinrich, Photocircle’s founder


Nestled in the heart of the Berlin start up scene, Photocircle has emerged: a fine art photography platform that sells quality prints of contemporary photographers working around the world. Although there are a number of photography platforms available, Photocircle is unique in its vision. The vision to give back to the people, society and places that make the photographs unique through donating to development projects in the region in which the photo was taken. The idea came to Thomas Heinrich (Photocircle’s founder) as he was traveling the world. He came across so many interesting characters and places and left with an array of beautiful photos and memories. When he came home and wanted to share his pictures, the realization that nothing like Photocircle existed came to light, and as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. It’s Photocircle’s mission to bring these people back into the picture.


Photocircle has collaborated with a number of non-profit organizations, organizing projects together. Whenever a picture is sold, a certain percentage of the profit is used to finance a handpicked social project in the country or region where the photo was taken. The buyer gets high-quality fine art photography as well as the chance to give something back to the people behind it. The result is a cycle from which all those involved are profiting.


Depending on how much the photographer decides to give, anything up to 50% can be donated to any particular project. So far, since their launch in the later part of 2012, Photocircle has successfully financed over 30 projects, including: families in Myanmar and Niger having received domestic pigs and goats for stockbreeding; in Bangladesh, ten girls now being able to get an elementary education; emergency relief projects for 13 families in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan; and in Indonesia, Photocircle sponsors orang-utan orphans.


Seeing as both only the photographer and Photocircle donate money towards social projects, deliberately renouncing expensive marketing campaigns and high profit margins, the buyer is left paying only for their print. They receive high-quality products for fair amounts, and support development projects globally at the same time without it affecting their bill. Photocircle also has two printing labs, one in Germany and another in the US.


Photocircle works with photographers such as Hengki Koentjoro, who specializes in beautiful black and white shots, and Kevin Russ, who has come to fame from his mystical adventures around stunning landscapes and nature shots. With the likes of Jeff Seltzer, Oliver Fluck, Rada Akbar, Scottish photographer Ronnie Baxter, to name but a few, they’re in excellent company. The community of photographers is constantly growing and they are always looking for new talented photographers. – It’s an exciting time for Photocircle.


This is not a sponsored post and does not have any financial gain from this post, we feel PhotoCircle is worth introducing to our photography community.

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David LeRoux

Excellent post. I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of Photocircle before.

Hatem Kotb

This is legit!

Corporate Photographer

It is indeed commendable that you have started this campaign. There are still lots of good photographers out here who will contribute generously.

Jay Long

Great information and beautiful images.


[…] Photocircle, a socially responsible fine art photography platform […]

Nate Kay

We randomly selected a winner for this Photocirlce gift card prize 3 times. First 2 winners did not respond in a timely manner, the 3rd person just responded today.

The winner of Photocircle’s $100 gift card is Heather C. We have awarded the prize to Heather C. today and confirmed the winner’s name to Photocirlce representative.

Thanks to Photocircle for the prize and hope Heather enjoys her prize.

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