Photographs of Artists and Tradesmen in Their Workspaces

Melbourne photographer Bryan Sun travels around looking to meet accomplished artists and tradesmen with the hope of photographing them in their comfort zones, or otherwise their workspaces. The project began as a mere experiment for himself to test his ability in the area of portraiture but soon turned into a 6 week tour of the US in cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Like many photographers and artists, Bryan is looking to find his creative voice and direction as he continues this inspiring project.

Follow more of Bryan’s work on his website.

Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Mann – Fine Art Painter

Donald Fortescue

Donald Fortescue – Professor, Sculptor, Furniture maker

James Greco

James Greco – Fine Art Painter

Jessica Jenkins

Jessica Jenkins – Fine Artist

Victor Cartegena

Victor Cartegena – Fine Artist

Derek and Lauren

Derek and Lauren – DL Skateboards


Kat – Fine Artist

Owen Smith

Owen Smith – Illustrator

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith – Fine Art Painter

Sam Clements

Sam Clements – Chef & Barista

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  1. Gregory Urbano

    Great series of shots, almost Norman rockwell’ish.

  2. Marc SCHMID

    If you need another studio dude.

  3. recommended tradespeople

    It is great to know the looks of the places where these tradesmen and artists works. Thank you for sharing these photos!

  4. Raissa Verblenden

    wow, this is really an impressing piece of work!

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