Photography Showcase #16

We love our Flickr group photographers. Here are 23 recently submitted images taken by a few of them that we thought were superb.

up close...

up close... by Sharon Meyer

Whitetail Deer and Milky Way

Whitetail Deer and Milky Way by Randy Halverson


Haf by Przemek Ozog

fog on the horizon

fog on the horizon by Rob Sentz

La Tour

La Tour by MattjHerring

3D shafts of photons

3D shafts of photons by David Lee Tiller


Mirror by Lee Jeannette


image by Ben Holt


Canada by Stefano Pedroni

St John's Point

St John's Point by David

glass cube entrance

glass cube entrance by Photonguy2009


mimi5 by cortoboy


Spray by Rob Sentz


Wingspan by Greg Zehe


Sympathy for The White by Silver Imaging

"The Wave", North Coyote Buttes in northern Arizona

"The Wave", North Coyote Buttes in northern Arizona by John and Jean Strother

Maui Sunrise

Maui Sunrise by Dezign Horizon


FlowerFly by Jussi Pietarinen


image by Ziemowit Maj

Vol au dessus des rocheuses

Vol au dessus des rocheuses by Thomas PLESSIS

South Street Seaport and More

South Street Seaport and More by Gustavo Castillo

Amadeu Peireira

Amadeu Peireira by De Santis

Sailing at sunset

Sailing at sunset by Marjolein Vegers

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  1. Stefano Pedroni

    Very nice collection, txs for including one of my shots :)

  2. Lee Jeannette

    Wow! I’m really honored to be in such terrific company!

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