Photography Showcase #3

With only the 3rd showcase, it’s already starting to become difficult to choose some of the best images being there are many talented photographers that are part of our Flickr group. If you haven’t been featured yet, keep submitting your best pictures and you may see one your photos show up in one of the showcases or inspirational subject posts.

Here are 35 great pictures from the last week of submissions.

Gediminas Tower

Gediminas Tower by David Smith

photography showcase

image by mai maig


Danger by Rafied Hashim


DragonFly by Jussi Pietarinen

photography showcase

image by Charles Saadiq

photography showcase

image by Charles Saadiq

Friday 13th Lightning

Friday 13th Lightning by Marcos

Butterfly glow

Butterfly glow by Desiree


whisp by Carolyn Haines

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

A Little Ray Of Sunshine by ShannonYearwood

Carnival in Trinidad 2010!

Carnival in Trinidad 2010! by ShannonYearwood

Summer Wish

Summer Wish by Denise Worden

A Break In The Storm

A Break In The Storm by Denise Worden


Moldova by Vova Parasiuk


blue by cortoboy

Into the wild

Into the wild by Thomas PLESSIS


biker by Pratap Sankar

Sunrise Golfer

Sunrise Golfer by delightfully average

Globe at Columbus Circle

Globe at Columbus Circle by GregCam

Metropolitan museum

Metropolitan museum by GregCam

Louis Mendes : "You've got one shot !"

Louis Mendes : "You've got one shot !" by GregCam

Innenhafen Duisburg #2

Innenhafen Duisburg #2 by Tom Engelhardt

reflections on the wall

reflections on the wall by Tom Engelhardt


Windflüchter by Tom Engelhardt

Painting :)
Bonnie in Light Tunnel

Bonnie in Light Tunnel by Rob Sentz

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Look for the girl with the broken smile by Path...

Looking Back

Looking Back by Benjamin Daly


windows by Mario Diño

till somebody shoots you

till somebody shoots you by Jason Martini

Ft. Worth Trinity Park

Ft. Worth Trinity Park by Karen Chisolm Photography

photography showcase

image by kirene_

photography showcase

image by kirene_


Rocky! by Jeremy Mangalsingh

Three in a row

Three in a row by sharpbynature

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  1. Matt Katzenberger

    These are absolutely amazing! God I love all of these photos.

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