Photography Showcase #8

Here is another selection of some amazing photos recently submitted to our Flickr group.

Cup of Bean

Cup of Bean by Marcos

Showers of blessing

Showers of blessing by Shey


Luislandia by Angel Alonso canon

Windmill Colour

Windmill Colour by David


Jetty by David

The Rush

The Rush by David

Belfast Bus Lane

Belfast Bus Lane by David


image by Michael Semensohn


image by Michael Semensohn

Pale Blue

Pale Blue by John Andreas Olsson

Whicelo Place

Whicelo Place by John Andreas Olsson

Squirrel in St James' Park

Squirrel in St James' Park by John Andreas Olsson

Smooth River

Smooth River by Thomas PLESSIS

Don't miss your train

Don't miss your train by Thomas PLESSIS

Parc Jacques-Cartier

Parc Jacques-Cartier by Thomas PLESSIS

Smooth River

Smooth River by Thomas PLESSIS

Zabriskie Point || Death Valley

Zabriskie Point || Death Valley by Thomas PLESSIS


286_365 by Shawn Schmalz


_____ by Lauren Marek

St Paul's & Millennium Bridge

St Paul's & Millennium Bridge by Thamer Al-Hassan

Liquid Glass

Liquid Glass by Matt Katzenberger

*Good Morning*

*Good Morning* by Little Pieces Images


101010 by Little Pieces Images

Three Stages of Growth

Three Stages of Growth by Paul Broderick

cold eye

cold eye by cortoboy

broken lines

broken lines by cortoboy

CIC vs Moco...

CIC vs Moco... by scottytodd


Airshow by Jonathan Parker

Foggy Dog Walk

Foggy Dog Walk by Lisa B

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral by MeltedMoments

Kyle Matthew Portrait

Kyle Matthew Portrait by Jeremy Mangalsingh


Colofón by Fernando García

on your side

on your side by Jason Martini

Dream On

Dream On by Anca Bontea

Pastel Sky

Pastel Sky by Denise Worden

Summers End

Summers End by Sharon Meyer

Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors by Marcos


100/365 by mai mag

Sunset at White Point Gardens

Sunset at White Point Gardens by Ashly Stohl


Dahlia by sharpbynature

Surfing Sunset

Surfing Sunset by Dezign Horizon

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This is an awesome showcase, thanks for the mention!

John Andreas

Thanks for being selected with three images.

Thamer Al-Hassan

great collection thanks for letting my photo to be part of it

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