Photoshop Basics for Photographers – Video Tutorial Series

Photoshop is the modern darkroom. It’s also software that requires an in-depth knowledge of in order to really take advantage of all it’s features to help you post process your photos correctly. Some photographers have no problems naturally learning all of those necessary features on their own to develop their own workflow and style. But if you’re like me, it takes sitting down with a book, attending classes and workshops, and watching other photographers use PS in order to really learn things.

If you’ve decided that using PS complete destroys the pureness of photography, that’s great! Everyone has their own way of approaching how to shoot, post process, and develop their own style in photography. For the others who want to improve their PS skills, I’ll recommend a simple 13 video tutorial course by Steele Training (link). It’s an easy and affordable way to learn how to use PS correctly. After you learn and master the basics, you can start attending more expensive workshops that focus on skills for the advanced user who is looking to really develop their post processing workflow.

photoshop basics

Here are the topics covered in the video tutorial series.

-The Photoshop Workspace
-Understanding Layers (plus 5 reasons to use them!)
-Adjusting Exposure with Levels
-Adjusting Contrast with Curves
-Color Correction
-Using Layer Masks
-Portrait Retouching
-Removing Unwanted Objects or People
-Cropping, Resizing and Resampling
-Sharpening Your Photos
-Saving Photos for the Web, Email or Print

Read more about these topics and the video course on the Steele Training website.

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James Dekker

Good info, thank you.

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