Playing Fetch – 18 Fun Dog Pictures

Dogs are awesome. They bring a lot of joy into the lives of those who have them. Here are some great fetch pictures that will make you want to head outside with your dog and a tennis ball. Check out our puppy pictures post too.

Got a stick and you can't have it

Got a stick and you can’t have it by TheGiantVermin


Stare by prawnpie

The Corgi Watched Jealously

The Corgi Watched Jealously by Jonathan Harford


FETCH by Rick Macomber

Rufus takeoff

Rufus takeoff by TheGiantVermin


incoming by Stewart Black

still the fetch queen

still the fetch queen by Xanboozled

Day Eighty Four

Day Eighty Four by Dustin Diaz


Success by prawnpie


Retriever by maistora

Eye on the Prize

Eye on the Prize by Dave

I'm Coming!

I’m Coming! by Stuart Dootson

Fetch The Twig Snaps

Fetch The Twig Snaps by Mark Robinson


stick by SMN


Waterdog by Van Carney

One short trip for a stick, one giant leap for a dog.

One short trip for a stick, one giant leap for a dog. by Baxton


Focus by Brenda

Flying Weenie

Flying Weenie by Anne Marie

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